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Episode 1

How to Use Neuroscience Principles to Change Your Brain So You Can Grow Your Business with Louisa Nicola

Join Sarah Saffari and Louisa Nicola on the very first episode of the Hidden Potential Podcast! Sarah and Louisa have a really interesting conversation about neuroscience and its impact on our daily tasks, everyday performance and overall well being. For anyone aspiring to be a better professional and expand your business, you will learn practical habits and tasks that will help immensely with your work. In addition, concepts like quality of sleep, nutrition, movement, and exercising, are all examples of things you can implement in your day in order to improve your mental health.

 “We’ve all got depression inside of us and if we don’t do certain things on a daily basis, we’re going to activate that depression.” – Louisa Nicola

 Louisa gives us an overview about visualization as well as how to actually engage our senses, feelings and intentions in order to trick our brain and visualize immediate success. She dives into the difference between visualization (make believe), meditation (relaxation) and the whole functionality of the motivation molecule known as dopamine. According to Louisa, dopamine is essential in our body and is, in fact, released before exercise as well as during exercise.

 About Louisa Nicola

Louisa Nicola is a clinical neuroscientist with a background in sports physiology and mathematics. Training as a tri athlete enabled her to grow and peak as an elite athlete herself and understand the neural mechanisms underlying peak athletic performance.
Louisa also has a top #100 Podcast dedicated to neuroscience, neurology and longevity.

Key Timestamps

[2:15] – Louisa gives us an overview about the power of our mind and brain.

[4:24] – How does neuroplasticity work?

[12:21] – Difference of visualization and meditation.

[14:33] – How to change your brain through movement.

[19:09] – The importance of dopamine and its effect on injuries and mental health.

[36:08] – The power of daily habits to restrain depressing feelings.

[40:25] – Louisa’s personal opinion on the nervous system, the brain, and its importance.

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Episode 2

Understand Your Brain So You Can Build Your Own Personality with Lara Pence

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Hidden Potential Podcast! In this episode, your host Sarah Saffari has an interesting conversation with Dr. Lara Pence about the possibility of changing our current patterns of actions and thoughts to turn them into something that serves us. Dr. Lara explains that it is possible to become a different person by simply being aware of our current behaviors, understanding them, and unlocking the mechanisms that make them happen.

 “There are certain templates that can be created for individuals at an early age […]. And these templates can really be like guide maps for how an individual works, how they think, how they feel, and how they behave.” – Dr. Lara Pence

 In this episode, you will learn more in depth the steps to catalyze this change: be willing to get curious – unpack yourself and your feelings because you may not know all the answers about yourself; understand your values – be aligned with what you believe to be the most important things in life; explore – look at the reasons why you think you are not making the change you know you need to do. Why is your current behavior good for you? What are the benefits of being stuck and not changing?

 “When we are curious about ourselves we step into a process of vulnerability because not only do we not know the answer, but we’re taking a risk and exposing ourselves to something that we might not like about ourselves.” – Dr. Lara Pence

Dr. Lara also explains some really important insights about values in life. One of the reasons why you might be feeling unhappy, trapped, and having all kinds of difficulties is because you might be misaligned with your values. Spirituality, safety, family, friendship, freedom, faith, success: these are all examples of principles we might consider as super important. If we are not applying them to our routines, we might feel disconnected and out of balance.

About Dr. Lara Pence

Dr. Lara Pence is a licensed clinical psychologist and owner/founder of LIGHFBOX. Having worked with individuals, families, and couples over the last fifteen years, Dr. Lara was able to recognize that when we feel the need to be curious, we feel the need to change. By following this approach, she has built her practice to help other people be more than what they think is possible.

Key Timestamps

[2:42] – How Dr. Lara developed her skills as a business owner.

[4:24] – Understanding our childhood patterns and how they affect us in adulthood.

[22:21] – Simple steps to catalyze your behavior change.

[30:10] – Spirituality and faith as important values.

[35:44] – Physical sensations can be a sign that you are misaligned with your values.

[40:13] – Secondary gain: what are you getting from staying stuck in life?

[50:00] – Dr. Lara explains that we are all hyper connected into something.

[55:31] – Why it’s important to know about therapy and psychology.

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Episode Resources

Erik Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development

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Episode 3

How to Be Sexually Attracted to People Who Are Good For You with Ken Page

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Hidden Potential Podcast! In this episode, your host Sarah Saffari has a really profound conversation with Ken Page about everything related to love, relationships, intimacy, and the process of building a love relation with another person. The types of people you are attracted to have a huge effect on your emotional state, sometimes some of these attractions can be for pain (attractions of deprivation) instead of for love (attractions of inspiration). 

“Sexual attraction is more plastic than we realize. We cannot force sexual attraction. So if you’re dating someone who’s a really nice person but there’s no attraction at all, you are not obligated to be with them just because they’re a nice person.” – Ken Page

Attractions of inspiration are the ones we feel for whom we know are decent, kind and, can lead us to a future of partnership and companionship. Attractions of deprivation, on the other hand, are the ones hard to deal with (although they’re usually very exciting). These are similar to true addictions. Both can be a reflection of your childhood patterns and the way you started to handle relationships (parents, relatives, friends, and siblings).

“The majority of dating advice we get actually leads us away from the possibility of real love.” – Ken Page

Ken also shares the concept of the wave, which he explains as being a certain moment during a love relationship when one of the two loses interest, is hit by a wave of disinterest, anxiety, and apathy or simply needs more time to understand all the feelings. According to Ken, there are two ways of navigating through the wave: a) don’t force yourself into the relationship by allowing some room to breathe and feeling the connection first, b) focusing on what you like about your partner and letting yourself be taken by that.

About Ken Page

Ken Page, LCSW, is a renowned psychotherapist, host of The Deeper Dating Podcast, and co-founder of the DeeperDating.com, a new way for single people to meet online in a way that’s warm, respectful, fun and inspiring. He’s also the author of the bestselling book “Deeper Dating: How to Drop the Games of Seduction and Discover the Power of Intimacy”. Having been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, and The Advocate, Ken is passionate about helping people understand the search for love as one of the greatest spiritual adventures in life, as well as, celebrating the inclusion of the LGBTQ community into the banquet of wiser relationship advice.

Key Timestamps

[4:07] – Ken talks about the writing process for his book “Deeper Dating”;

[8:12] – What should you do if you’re single and looking for a relationship?

[10:45] – The difference between attractions of deprivation x attractions of inspiration;

[20:22] – Why attractions of inspiration don’t work sometimes;

[24:52] – How to navigate through relations if you find yourself insecure or uninterested (navigate the wave);

[32:57] – Does the wave ever stop coming?

[38:20] – How to change the type of persona you’re attracted to;

[42:51] – Pushing past a sexual block with a person;

[47:51] – Exercise: Inner Mentor Process;

[55:09] – Ken’s final golden tip if you’re looking for love;

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Deeper Dating by Ken Page

Episode Resources

Deeper Dating Podcast Ep. 3: The Greatest Path to Speed Your Path to Love

Change or Die by Alan Deutschman


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Episode 4

How to Change Your Behaviour Patterns by Understanding the Brain and the Mind with Jason Hamera

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Hidden Potential Podcast! In this episode, your host Sarah Saffari is joined by Jason Hamera who talks about the power of the brain and the mind in our lives and behaviour patterns. Behaviour patterns are really complex,  dynamic concepts and they are usually shaped based on our environment. The most limiting behaviour, according to Jason, is uncertainty because it allows for other feelings to come to surface like fear and apprehension.

“Before anything can happen we really have to respect and appreciate the natural world that we’re living in, and begin to take all these observational inputs.” – Jason Hamera

Self-dialogue is another big component of the way we shape our behaviours. The way we talk to ourselves and the words we use to describe things, situations and experiences are all parts that influence our lives. Words create worlds and, similar to money that carries value, words carry meaning. That’s why it is essential for us to analyze carefully and really pay attention to the vocabulary we normally use throughout the day. Diverse words really bring a more in depth perspective and these verbal experiences help us intensify or minimize emotions.

“If an opportunity comes in front of us we have to be primed and prepared to act upon that opportunity in an interest that is very specific to our goals and to where we want to go.” – Jason Hamera

Jason also explains the difference between brain and mind. According to him, what the brain usually does and how it functions is responsible for what the mind creates. The concept of mind and its correlation with neurons in the brain can be seen as the concept of traffic and its correlation with cars. Traffic can only exist where there are cars, in the same way that the mind can only be real via the existence of neurons. In addition, Jason talks about the notion of Future Self Continuity – we build our future more effectively if we visualize it, rather than contemplating experiences and trying to take lessons from the past.

About Jason Hamera

Jason is an international fitness educator pursuing his master’s degree in educational psychology. Having started his career building several training programs, creating successful startups, and teaching fitness workshops internationally in over 15 countries, Jason is now focused on creating his life's work – a human development company called Stronger in All Planes, with his wife and best friend Marissa. From helping people transform their bodies, he now has his sights set on helping people change their brains and behaviours to achieve a higher standard of living mentally, as well as physically, in all areas of their lives.

Key Timestamps

[4:42] – Jason highlights the #1 self limiting behaviour of entrepreneurs;

[16:28] – How can we use self dialogue (and word choosing) to impact our lives?

[25:27] – How emotions are attached to words;

[32:39] – Removing emotions from past experiences;

[42:28] – The difference between brain and mind;

[52:08] – Future Self Continuity: create your future by disconnecting from the past;

[56:51] – Jason’s final message about the simplicity of life;

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Episode 5

Why Nobody Has A 'Genetic Destiny" And How To Take Back Control 

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Hidden Potential Podcast! In this episode, your host Sarah Saffari talks about the power that the environment surrounding us has to determine how we feel inside. Environments are responsible to change the cells and, although we are not able to change our cells and our genes, we are able to change the environment. Today, Sarah explains why that is enough. Biology is unalterable, but we can highly influence it by stepping out of the same patterns and visions.

“We are so afraid of the unknown that we are never going to be able to know what we can create when we try to curate a life that doesn’t necessarily allow for opportunities that can build an absolutely amazing life.” – Sarah Saffari

Sarah also explains that memories and past experiences need to be detached from any emotional weight connected to it because only that way we can remove the wiring that gets us sad, angry, anxious, or fearful about those same experiences. According to Sarah, memory with no emotional charge attached to it is just wisdom and we can benefit from that. To summarize: we have the power to see outside the box, change our reality and be limitless because, in due course, it all comes down to perception.

About Sarah Saffari

Sarah is a business coach, entrepreneur and co-owner of the CEOwned Coach. Having initiated her career as a fitness professional, helping a great number of people gain confidence with their looks, Sarah is now focused on spreading her message by helping online entrepreneurs create 7-figures businesses. Her company CEOwned Coach has the goal of taking people from struggle to prosperity.

Key Timestamps

[1:33] – How to take back control by using perception;

[5:32] – Examples on how different environments result in different body reactions;

[7:18] – Understanding the concept of placebo effects and beliefs;

[13:21] – Changing our genes by changing the environment

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Episode 6

What Produces Experiences: The Brain Or The Mind? With Mark Gober

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Hidden Potential Podcast! In this episode, your host Sarah Saffari interviews Mark Gober. Mark gives some really interesting explanations about consciousness and its connection with the physical brain. Based on the assumption that our consciousness is abstract and exists regardless of the brain, we can start to explore its impact on the way we experience life. Some studies show that consciousness outlives the brain when we die, and that can be associated with NDEs (Near Death Experiences).

“The brain, rather than producing consciousness, appears to be more like a blindfold or a filtering mechanism, meaning, the consciousness that we have is way beyond the limited experience that we have right now.” – Mark Gober

Reports from people who went through NDEs attest that different experiences happen when we die. Examples include: veridical out of body experiences, viewing situations from a different point of view, and the concept of Life Review (seeing our lives in flashes through the eyes of people we impacted while living). All of these experiences can be really impactful on new interactions and new perspectives of who went through that.

“What we take with us beyond the body is our consciousness and the way in which we evolved.” – Mark Gober

In addition, Mark talks about some real case studies and applications about psychedelics, psychokinesis and meditations. To assimilate all of the knowledge about consciousness and the power of the brain, Mark advises people to absorb these concepts without altering their values and passions, to remember to follow their intuition and to always try to do “the next obvious thing.”

About Mark Gober

Mark Gober is a speaker, podcast host and the author of the award-winning book ‘An End to Upside Down Thinking’ and its sequel ‘An End to Upside Down Living’. With a background as a banking analyst in New York and as a businessman in Silicon Valley, today Mark conducts interviews with world-leading researchers on his podcast ‘Where Is My Mind?’ He is also an international speaker and member of the Board of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and the School of Wholeness and Enlightenment (SoWE).

Key Timestamps

[3:03] – Mark talks about what led him to study consciousness;

[8:52] – Consciousness and its connection with the brain;

[15:42] – Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and consciousness;

[23:27] – Evidences of NDEs and researches’ applications in the modern world;

[35:25] – Mark talks about how this knowledge impacted his life;

[40:02] – Studies on psychedelics and meditation;

[46:23] – How to apply these concepts in life? (And do we need to?);

[51:32] – Mark’s #4 suggestions to live according to all of this knowledge

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An End to Upside Down Living by Mark Gober

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Episode Resources

Ep.4 – CIA Psychic Spying & Knowing the Future - (Where Is My Mind? Podcast)

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Episode 7

How to Grow Your Business When Nobody Else Says That You Can with Maz Jobrani

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Hidden Potential Podcast! In this episode, your host Sarah Saffari talks with comedian Maz Jobrani. Maz shares with us some of the best advice on pursuing our passion, working with whatever our heart is set on, and living an adventurous life because we only have one to live and we’re the only one who knows what’s best for us.

“You shouldn’t worry about being accepted by anyone because ultimately if you’re lucky enough to find what you love doing, you should do it, and that will make you happy, and that will make it easier for you to make others around you happy.” – Maz Jobrani

According to Maz if we have a skill, a special ability, or something we’re really passionate about we need to give it a try, wherever that may occur – in our home country or abroad. In addition, in order to make that dream a reality we need to remember our past accomplishments and what we have achieved so far. This will only give us courage and security to follow the path.

“Your parents want what’s best for you but they don’t know what’s best for you. You know what’s best for you.” – Maz Jobrani

During the conversation you will also hear a few inspirational words about how to deal with parents’ pressure when making career decisions and how to keep moving forward even without support. Sometimes parents think they have an obligation to guide us because they believe that they know what the best option for us is. In reality, only we know that; so we should listen, learn, but most of all, trust ourselves.

About Maz Jobrani

Maz Jobrani is a comedian, actor and writer. Known for his stand up shows and participations on channel Comedy Central, Maz is also one of the founders of comedy group “Axis of Evil”. After having attended law classes early in life, he decided to pursue comedy and acting as a career.

Key Timestamps

[03:16] – Maz talks about the early stages of his career;

[10:20] – Pursuing our passion regardless of other people;

[12:51] – How to deal with pressure from parents;

[18:19] – Career choices: what if we don’t have support?;

[22:54] – How Maz handles career struggles;

[29:32] – Maz’s final work/business advice;

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Episode 8

How to Heal Past Wounds So You Can Flourish In Your Business with Anat Peri

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Hidden Potential Podcast! In this episode, your host Sarah Saffari has a very insightful conversation with Anat Peri. They talk about how important our childhood experiences and the relationships we nurtured at this phase can be and how it can impact our way of thinking as adults. The role that parents play on our lives is really important because, at this point, they represent love and a sense of wholeness. With that in mind, is good to know that certain traumatic situations can ignite mirrored behaviors.

“What I realized over time is that I was trimming weeds, wasn’t really getting to the root of things.” – Anat Peri

Another topic of discussion today was self love and self discovery. Anat tells us a little bit about her background and a few life situations that lead her to growth. She also talks about finding purpose in life and how important it is to gain knowledge about what you actually want to do in life, read books about those specific topics, and have a community that push you forward to your goals. The number one step to actually make an impactful change on the way you see your role in the world is awareness.

“A lot of the traumas – big T traumas, little T traumas – that we experience in childhood become our way of living. And it’s not living, it’s surviving.” – Anat Peri

About Anat Peri

Anat Peri is a transformational coach who helps people deal with fear and false beliefs while increasing performance in work and life. Her transformational program Training Camp for the Soul is an effective masterclass for those feeling the need to change, switch energies and unlock their potentials.

Key Timestamps

[02:04] – Anat shares a little bit about her own story;

[12:45] – What was the specific transformational moment for Anat;

[28:45] – Why bad influences can affect our belief systems;

[32:14] – Is having a community important for our goals?

[38:24] – Simple steps to practice to get rid of unhealed emotions;

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Episode 9

How To Change Your External AND Internal Environment For Success with Kimberly Garner

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Hidden Potential Podcast! In this episode, your host Sarah Saffari interviews Coach and Holistic Designer Kimberly Garner. Kimberly talks about how the environment and the external situations surrounding us can influence and affect what we think and how we feel. According to Kimberly, it all starts with intention and putting intention in every little thing in our life.

“You have to allow yourself to feel in your body that trauma. We can’t just intellectualize it because we’re grown ups.” – Kimberly Garner

Rearranging our thoughts and working on our inner self is the key to actually change our life and routines. Tune in to your inner person, focus your mind on personal mantras and bring your awareness to what you are thinking: that’s the only way to step out of old and unwanted behaviors.

“When we decide that we’re going to follow our hearts and go against the grain of our comfort zone, that’s when the subconscious is triggered into high alert.” – Kimberly Garner

Kimberly also explains how unhealed traumas can be triggered all over again in your adult life if not taken care of. Be curious about what is causing the struggles, and make changes step by step. Triggers of old traumas are big thresholds. They are big moments and decisive moments. It’s also important to know that some things you were thought no longer serve you and these false beliefs must be left behind.

About Kimberly Garner

Kimberly Garner is a coach & holistic designer. Her work method involves the subconscious mind, neuroscience, holistic coaching, and interior design. Through courses and training, Kimberly teaches other individuals how to identify what they want, how to stop self sabotaging, and how to heal interior distresses.

Key Timestamps

[01:55] – The early stages of Kimberly’s career;

[05:18] – What to do when we cannot change – and benefit from – the environment?

[14:21] – How can someone be greater than the environment and start to heal past traumas;

[18:50] – What to do when we are triggered by old traumas?

[24:34] – How to not fall into the trap of repeating old behaviors;

[31:12] – Kimberly explains why change takes courage;

[38:51] – The importance of decluttering our household from memories;

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Episode 10

How to Use Heart-Brain Coherence to Increase Creativity in Business with Katelyn Dowling

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Hidden Potential Podcast! In this episode, your host Sarah Saffari has a really interesting chat with Katelyn Dowling. Katelyn talks about everything that relates to heart-brain coherence, how to influence our inner state to affect our outer space, and how to update our operating system in order to have a better life really. When we exist in a state of relaxation and presence we start to arm ourselves to face challenges in a more composed way.

“You can think of your operating system, your internal operating system as the brain work you use or the lens through which you view the world. And how you – as an individual – interact with and relate to anything that comes into your field.” – Katelyn Dowling

Katelyn also explains that if you want to begin this process of updating your operating system – which is actually just a metaphor to create more inner balance – you need to first be more aware of your unconscious thoughts. Observe yourself. Always check in with yourself, and make the constant effort to let go of actions and behaviors that you no longer want.

“For me, helping people to remember that we are not actually separated from the planet that sustains our entire being is really important right now.” – Katelyn Dowling

In addition, you will learn a practical exercise to connect your breath and attention to your heart. By doing this exercise, you will start to pay more attention to the environment around you, how you can create with everything you have now, and how to feel more elevated emotions such as harmony, joy, creativity, peace, and gratitude.

“Heart-brain coherence is a specific avenue through which you can shift very rapidly your state, your physiological state from one of stress to one of coherence – which you can think of as the opposite of stress.” – Katelyn Dowling

About Katelyn Dowling

Katelyn Dowling, Ph.D. in clinical psychology as well as founder and CEO of Sustainable Self Inc. Through consultation and coaching, Katelyn is able to help business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs to make more reasoned decisions around work and life, always taking into account the individual’s inner state.

Key Timestamps

[01:44] – What made Katelyn follow this career;

[05:17] – Overview on how our operating system works;

[07:11] – How to identify the processes of our own operating system;

[16:05] – At what point in life people actually look for Katelyn and her work;

[21:18] – How to connect heart and brain coherently;

[26:53] – Differences between the practice of heart-brain coherence and meditation;

[28:33] – How to use heart-brain coherence for creativity in life & business;

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Episode 11

How to Stop Argument Hangovers from Hurting Your Relationship with Jocelyn & Aaron Freeman

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Hidden Potential Podcast! In this episode, your host Sarah Saffari talks with Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman. Jocelyn and Aaron are relationship coaches and here they share some interesting insights on how to deal with relationship conflicts, how to manage your feelings and your partner’s in order to solve problems, and how not to damage the relationship once the disagreement shows up.

“What we always encourage people to look at first is: How long your argument hangover lasts, meaning, how long does it take you to repair afterwards? Because that can also be a big part of what leads to disconnection and, perhaps even the end of the relationship.” – Jocelyn Freeman

Having boundaries and being engaged in the relationship is fundamental to preserve the connection. Repeating selfish behaviors and not talking, on the other hand, is nothing but damaging. It’s also really important to be flexible, caring, adjust your needs to meet your partner’s, communicate, and try to solve the conflict no matter what.

“When our partners are triggered or just have emotion coming up, they’re often sharing about themselves, and so we tend to shut down. […] When you just shut down and say nothing, that creates that separation, that creates that feeling of isolation.” – Aaron Freeman

Jocelyn and Aaron also explain the 4 communication-personality types. Being an assertive partner puts you on the front line, trying to lead the way; being a reserved one categorizes you on the quiet side of things, really needing time to process the conflicts. In both cases, it’s important to hear your partner’s perspective first so he/she doesn’t feel judged by your own;

About Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman

Known as the “couple that coaches couples”, Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman started their business by recognizing that their own relationship could be of service to others. Authors of “The Argument Hangover” and “The New Power Couple”, the Freeman’s help people to break relationships barriers by dialogue, conversation and teamwork.

Key Timestamps

[02:17] – How Jocelyn and Aaron started the relationship coaching business;

[04:19] – What is the idea behind “relationships hangover”?

[07:33] – The 4 communication-personality types (Assertive and Reserved);

[13:57] – What to do when we don’t have the answers for the conflict;

[20:52] – Why it’s important to know what triggers us;

[24:31] – How our parents’ relationship affects our own;

[29:51] – Being aware of our behavior is tiring but important;

[32:22] – How to identify if a conflict is healthy or not;

[35:52] – How much time is enough time to repair conflicts?

[39:24] – Feeling the emotions is an opportunity to connect with your partner;

[42:51] – Don’t be discouraged if you have conflicts, take action;

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Episode 12

How to Go From Nothing to Complete Freedom With Hansika Silva 

Join your host Sarah Saffari and this week’s guest Hansika Silva as they open up about their entrepreneurial journey and how they overcame indecisions and self-doubt at the beginning of their business. Hansika shares how working on self-development and attending mastermind events had – and still has – a huge impact on her life, which reflects almost entirely on her business.

“If this was easy, if it were super easy building a 7-figure business for yourself, everyone would do it. If you do stick with it and in your heart and in your soul you know that you’ve got this fire in you and you’re meant to do this, I promise you you’ll get there.” – Hansika Silva

You will also hear some great insights on relationships and dating. Growing a relationship and a business at the same time is possible, but making time for each of them is a skill that requires practice. This skill is fully connected with how you step into your feminine energy and separate from your masculine energy to not transmit the same dominant actions from your business to your partner. Sarah and Hansika explain how practicing this skill is a choice.

“I love dedicating my time towards work but getting into dating, you obviously have to have some balance.” – Hansika Silva

The episode also touches on a very important topic, which is resilience. Building a company from scratch takes time, persistence and courage; but if you stick with it, you’ll be rewarded. That faith is the only thing separating you from nothing to complete freedom.

About Hansika Silva

Hansika Silva is a business coach and entrepreneur. She works with other professionals & business coaches by growing their companies exponentially using high-ticket strategies. Hansika and Sarah’s mentorship company CEOwned was founded in 2019 with the mission of helping individuals to thrive and find greatness in their careers.

Key Timestamps

[01:45] – Hansika tells us how she shifted gears at her career;

[05:25] – How Hansika built her business by also working on self-development;

[10:43] – Dating and being an entrepreneur can coexist (if you want it to);

[18:12] – How to step into your feminine when you’re out of work;

[24:15] – How to attract the exact type of person by being that person;

[28:57] – The dynamics of making money in a relationship;

[34:16] – Hansika’s final advice on being resilient and persistent with your business;

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Episode 13

What It REALLY Takes to Be an Entrepreneur with Kate & Daniel

Following the path of entrepreneurship is not this magical world people tell us on social media. It takes hard work, sleepless nights, and a great amount of effort. That is the topic of this week’s episode of the Hidden Potential Podcast. Sarah Saffari interviews Kate Hancock and Dan Robbins. They talk about the real ups and downs of running a business, how to start small and expand with time, and why it’s important to know and have the consciousness that freedom comes with responsibility.

 “People say ‘I’m going to start a business and I’m going to be free!’. Actually, starting a business takes away your freedom because now you’re responsible 24/7.” – Dan Robbins

 Needless to say, starting a business and working for yourself is doable. If you have a plan, a smart strategy and the patience required for the job you will eventually “get there” and be successful. In this episode, you will also hear some great insights on the different business models that are out there, which one is better for you and which one best suits your personality and current circumstances.

 “It’s ok if you’re doing it all yourself, but if you want to have freedom and scale that’s when you need more capital to hire people that could run it for you. Then you can just travel the world.” – Kate Hancock

 To finish it all up, Kate and Dan share the details about working as partners and as a couple. For them it’s fundamental to identify the fine line between business hours and family time; scaling not only your professional, but also your personal life.

 About Kate and Dan

Kate Hancock and Dan Robbins are entrepreneurs, mentors and owners of IBH MEDIA. Through their company, Kate and Dan inspire and help people achieve success by investing in an entrepreneur career. One of the missions of the company is to invest in women led startups. They also spread their message podcasting: check out Inspired by Her Podcast!

 Key Timestamps

[01:43] – How Kate and Daniel went from couple to business partners;

[04:00] – Daniel’s outset as an entrepreneur;

[05:39] – How Kate scaled her business at a fast pace;

[07:11] – How they managed making money all of a sudden (mindset shifts);

[12:57] – The 1 thing people need to know before stepping into entrepreneurship;

[15:23] – Should you just go out and try entrepreneurship?

[23:06] – 5-year-plans and the different business models;

[34:29] – Pros and cons of running a business as a couple;

[38:35] – How to be resilient nowadays;

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Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss

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Episode 14

How to Use Consciousness to Improve Your Business & Life with Yedda Stancil

It is really easy to navigate through life without actually being conscious of how we are behaving, what we are creating and why we do what we do. Consciousness means not only being alive, but also being aware. In this episode of the Hidden Potential Podcast, Sarah Saffari welcomes Yedda Stancil for a conversation about changing belief systems, reprogramming thoughts, and awakening to life.

 “When you start to see contrast, when things start to challenge or question the way you show up in the world, what happens is we start to get curious and we start to ask ‘What’s going on? Is there something else here that I might need to look at?’” – Yedda Stancil

 What we feel dictates what we do and in order to change ourselves it’s important to change our beliefs about previously learned patterns and behaviors which we no longer want to have. The key for this whole change process is awareness: paying attention to our daily actions, our self-dialogue, our inner talk, and our habitual thoughts. Yedda also explains that our ego might get in the way once in a while, but it’s important to have patience and compassion with ourselves.

 “It’s not about getting rid of or beating down the ego, it’s about integrating him or her back into the experience and saying ‘thank you so much for protecting me.’” – Yedda Stancil

 You will also hear about how good it is to have a community, a group of people, and models you want to be similar to. They will serve as inspirations for the new “you” that you want to create. Engage in communities, make connections and if you don’t have one, be the first one. Start this new social form, this new movement that will shape fresh ideas of awakening to the real consciousness.

  “Social norms are the number one way to change your behavior so whatever you’re trying to show up with in a relationship, in a business, in your community, with your health, whatever it is, go find people that already have what you want.” – Yedda Stancil

 About Yedda Stancil

Yedda Stancil is a Consciousness Coach and Consultant. In her work, Yedda incorporates important aspects of mindfulness, personal development, personal growth, and headship skills with the business and personal lives of her clients.

 Key Timestamps

[02:05] – What does it mean to be a consciousness coach;

[04:37] – Move out from the autopilot way of living;

[09:23] – How the environment influences our awakening;

[14:07] – How to change our belief system;

[18:32] – Why it’s important to be patient when changing belief systems;

[25:01] – Yedda explains it’s normal to shut down when we want to change;

[32:50] – To rewire old beliefs we must be in this constant dialogue with ourselves;

[35:30] – You can be the creator of a new social norm;

[41:08] – Why the ego is a consequence of your concept around it;

[47:08] – Do you know why your ego is different from everybody else’s?

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Podcast: Shut Up and Sit with Yedda Stancil (Apple Podcasts)

Book: shutupandsit.com

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Episode 15

Seven Business Mistakes Most People Make Before Hitting 10k a Month with Hannah Chan

Everybody makes mistakes, right? It’s part of the process of building a business and having successful outcomes from the business. One thing that is directly correlated with people who succeed is: they learn from the past mistakes. In this episode of the Hidden Potential Podcast, Sarah Saffari talks with Hannah Chan about the 7 business mistakes the majority of entrepreneurs make before generating high incomes.

“When we’re at the beginning of business there’s always the element of risk that you’re going to have to take.” – Hannah Chan

Shifting your mindset and taking new risks are important things to accomplish in order to succeed. The difference between people who experience successful outcomes in business from those who don’t is their ability to deal with pressure, to seek opportunities that make them grow, to create huge changes with a not-so-huge audience and to respond well to pressure.

“It doesn’t really come down to skillset, or how good you are at sales, or how much charisma you have. It really comes down to your decision making process.” – Hannah Chan

Hannah also explains that what differentiates you from everyone else is your personal story and that’s the exact thing that makes people buy from you. Although the solution is extremely important to have as a reputable business owner, people first buy from a place of emotion and connection which leads to the solution. If you’re looking to be ahead of the game, come up with new strategies and, most importantly learn from past mistakes, this episode is exactly what you need!

“It’s way more than giving value and giving tips and posting consistently. It’s more about being super specific with the problem that you’re calling out.” – Hannah Chan

About Hannah Chan

Hannah Chan is a business mentor, entrepreneur and business coach who also has a career in powerlifting. Having helped over 300 fitness professionals to reach 6 figures in the online business, Hannah believes that our personality and personal journey are the decisive factors to succeed in business, but only if you learn from your mistakes.

Key Timestamps

[02:19] – Hannah’s early steps on building a coaching business;

[05:45] – Why having courage is fundamental to scale your business;

[11:26] – The #1 mistake entrepreneurs make;

[16:55] – Do you ever wonder why you can’t share your message?

[21:03] – People don’t buy solutions, they buy connections;

[31:48] – Hannah explains why your personality matters to your business;

[39:22] – How your journey impacts your audience;

[43:25] – Go to the next level of your business with these 3 simple tips;

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Episode 16

How To Find Love If You Have Everything Else But The Guy with Evan Marc Katz

Love is part of living a fulfilled life, but sometimes what’s supposed to be easy can become draining. When we have a hard time dating, choosing a partner, being happy with relationship decisions and repeating old behaviors, this fun thing is no longer enjoyable. Listen to this episode of the Hidden Potential Podcast, where Sarah Saffari talks with Evan Marc Katz about how to find true love when it’s the only missing piece.

 “If you’ve been told your whole life: ‘relationships take work’, that’s the myth we’re trying to obliterate. Good relationships are easy, bad relationships take a lot of work.” – Evan Marc Katz

 When we’re open to new relationships and finally meet a person, there is this one thing called chemistry that we so desperately look for. Do we like the same things? Does he/she make me laugh? Do we enjoy the same places, music, and food? Are we going somewhere with this? All of these are valid questions, but how much chemistry is enough? Evan explains that this initial excitement and attraction can get in the way when we try to see who that person really is.

 “You can see a person much more clearly when you’re not blinded by attraction.” – Evan Marc Katz

 You will also hear good points on identifying a toxic relationship early on and how to spot red flags: indicating the person may not be the best choice or that the relationship might be a dead end. Evan also talks about the main niche of his audience and why women make up the majority of his clientele.

 “Men need more help, women ask for more help.” – Evan Marc Katz

 About Evan Marc Katz

Evan Marc Katz is a dating coach for smart, strong, and successful women. He has written really instructive books about love and relationships, such as, ‘Why You’re Still Single.’ Evan started his coaching career by giving people advice over the phone while working at a dating company and realizing that he was good at it. From there, he started his journey as a coach helping people prioritize love over everything.

 Key Timestamps

[01:39] – Evan explains how he got into coaching and his background with dating;

[05:51] – Why women make the majority of Evan’s audience;

[08:52] – Is there a common problem when people look for a coach?

[11:49] – How can we differentiate chemistry and compatibility;

[20:22] – Attracting the right person for our life;

[34:55] – How can we get out of the same cycle of choosing the same partner;

[41:08] – How to identify red flags early in the relationship;

[44:30] – What’s the role of a coach when helping women with repetitive behaviors;

[47:20] – Evan shares a story about his own dating experiences;

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Attached by Amir Levine, M.D. and Rachel Heller, M.A.

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Episode 17

How Gut Health Can Improve Business Performance with Dr. Melanie

Gut health and gut issues have been around for a very long time. Not only can they cause physical disturbance and terrible symptoms, these health problems oftentimes are the result of a stressful lifestyle. In this episode, Sarah Saffari is joined by Dr. Melanie. Dr. Melanie explains all about SIBO - Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth, the importance of probiotics and how it all relates to our diet choices.

“I’ve experienced the side of being overweight, how people respond to you, how people treat you and how that can really affect your mindset.” – Dr. Melanie

In addition, Dr. Melanie explains that all of these issues descend from the digestive system do impact our personal life, as well as, our professional life. For that reason – but not only that – it is so important to become aware of this kind of subject: to help you identify unusual symptoms and take care of your health and wellness with knowledge.

About Dr. Melanie

Dr. Melanie ND – known as The Intuitive Edge Doctor – has clinical expertise in Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Having suffered with gut issues herself, Dr. Melanie believes that the majority of illnesses, symptoms, and diseases are caused not just by physical imbalances, but by energy and mindset misconduct as well. She helps drive people to understand their bodies.

Key Timestamps

[01:47] – What Dr. Melanie does and her background with diets and gut issues;

[05:36] – Dr. Melanie explains the concept of SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth);

[21:14] – Details about SIBO, its symptoms, and Migrating Motor Complex;

[33:24] – How gut health affects business and personal life;

[36:26] – Should you take probiotics?

[43:20] – The origin of gut issues might not be so obvious;

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EP 018:  

How to Build Your Life around Your Unique Human Design with Erin Claire Jones

Each person is unique, which is shown through our actions, thoughts, and emotions. This specific energy is accountable not only for our relationships and the way we communicate with the world, but also for our work and business. The task then becomes knowing what this energy is and how we can play with it. Our human design can help us immensely, but only if we are able to, ultimately, access it.

“We’re making decisions every single day. Human design really reminds us of how to do that in a way that feels really aligned.” – Erin Claire Jones

In this episode of the Hidden Potential Podcast, Sarah sits down with Erin Claire Jones to discuss more about the concept of human design. Erin explains that there are 5 types of human designs (5 operating systems) and every person identifies more or less with one of these systems. By discovering your human design, you can express a language that is exclusively yours, find the things you’re the best at, understand your area of expertise more easily, and be more aligned with your purpose.

 “It’s about tapping into a deeper, inner knowing that is often, in some ways, inexplicable, but more reliable.” – Erin Claire Jones about Human Design

About Erin Claire Jones

Erin Claire Jones is a leadership coach whose method Human Design has been helping a great amount of companies and individuals to find their purpose, be aligned with it, and handle other areas of life by working on it. Also a speaker and a guide, Erin has been featured in famous media platforms such as Forbes and Well&Good.

Key Timestamps

[01:38] – Erin explains the concept of Human Design;

[05:15] – Different people express different areas of expertise;

[11:28] – How the time you were born impacts your Human Design;

[15:48] – The 5 unique operating systems of Human Design;

[34:00] – How our Human Design correlates with unusual energies/environments;

[36:49] – Different Human Designs make different decisions;

[41:42] – Erin explains that Human Design is a tool to improvements;


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EP 019: 

How to Become a High Performance Entrepreneur with Mike Szczesniak

Entrepreneurship has both opportunities and obstacles. The good side (opportunity) is definitely the sense of freedom and autonomy that you feel when you work for yourself. The bad side (obstacles) is really about the constant feeling that you need to be working all the time and that if you don’t, you will fail. This persistent pressure is not something healthy and can lead to worse issues involving your mental health.

In this episode of Hidden Potential Podcast, Sarah welcomes Mike Szczesniak to talk about how to be a high performance entrepreneur without burning out, feeling overwhelmed, and overstressing every situation. Mike tells about his experience when too much productivity caused him to have panic attacks and the importance of balancing moments of hustling and moments of recharging. Tune in!

“Things like clarity, things like energy, things like courage, productivity, influence… all of these different areas lead to high performance.” – Mike Szczesniak

About Mike Szczesniak

Mike Szczesniak is an entrepreneur, host of The Results Engine Podcast, and a High Performance Coach. Currently running his own company The Results Engine, Mike also helps other leaders, entrepreneurs and sales people to make more money and increase their income by dropping the poor performance mindset and adopting a new sense of productivity.

Key Timestamps

[01:44] – How Mike entered the entrepreneurship scene;

[03:22] – When toxic productivity can be the main cause for poor performance;

[11:59] – How to know when it’s time to grind and when it’s time to rest;

[19:04] – The psychological reason of why we procrastinate;

[21:36] – The impact of other people’s words on our work;

[25:44] – What is the main problem Mike sees working with his clients;

[36:14] – Hacks to stop procrastinating and take action (Reverse Bets);

[42:12] – Coaching nowadays is doing the same things differently.

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Eat That Frog! By Brian Tracy

The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer

The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robins

Connect with Mike!

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EP 020: 

Where to Start in Trying to Earn Your First 6-Figures with Sarah Mawji

Building a business is a very challenging journey. When it comes to strategies, marketing, public, offers, finances, there is a lot that could go wrong and a lot that could be hard to wrap your head around it. That’s why it’s very common for new business owners to give up with the first frustration, but it’s important to know that there are mentors and coaches out there with the exact solution for the exact problem.

In this episode, Sarah welcomes Sarah Mawji to talk all things business. One of the biggest mistakes when starting your entrepreneur journey is trying to build a business on top of a variety of niches. The fact that you are not defining what is your target and what is the public that will be helped with your service or product is a sign of confusion for potential buyers. Sarah explains that once you prove the model, then you can expand. Tune in!

“It’s really helpful when you have someone to guide you through what you need to do first, what you can dish out, and what you can save for later.” – Sarah Mawji

About Sarah Mawji

Sarah Mawji is a publicist, media specialist, and Managing Director at Sevans PR. Working with financial groups, tech startups, and CEOs all over the world, Sarah helps companies with crucial aspects of a business, such as public relations consulting and operation management.

Key Timestamps

[00:43] – Sarah Mawji’s round of personal questions;

[03:16] – Sarah’s range of practice when it comes to mentoring and coaching;

[06:05] – The most common advice Sarah gives to her clients building a business;

[08:33] – Practical example of gaps that exist in businesses nowadays;

[10:57] – Should business owners help everybody, with everything, all at once?

[17:00] – Biggest mistakes Sarah sees with companies;

[23:31] – The importance of not getting frustrated with the first challenges;

[26:39] – On PR consulting for businesses;

[33:30] – Expanding a business takes time.

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EP 021: 

Polyamory, BDSM, and Kink Talk with John Romaniello

In this episode of Hidden Potential Podcast, Sarah welcomes John Romaniello. John shares a lot about polyamorous relationships, open relationships, BDSM practices, and all things kinky. John explains the dynamics that he built with his partner when it comes to flirtation, connection, and sexual encounters with other people. Despite being a taboo topic, John very easily shares the concept and main ideas of these topics.

John also talks about how important it is to be honest with the partner and how keeping an open dialogue is nothing but beneficial for both sides of the relation. Confidence is built through honesty, and having equality in a relationship is the key to make it all work. You will also learn what falls into the category of “kink practices”, what BDSM really means, and how to know if a person is willing to experiment. Tune in! 

“You can create specialness, but we all have this need to be special, we all have this need to be chosen, and what polyamory does is: it shows a mirror that my ego wants so desperately to feel that of all the human beings in the world, I am somehow superior for my partner.” – John Romaniello

Key Timestamps

[01:32] – Round of personal questions;

[06:11] – John explains the spectrum of polyamory;

[09:17] – How past relationships made John feel trapped;

[12:48] – Monogamy as a practice is a social condition;

[19:28] – Managing our curiosity towards polyamory;

[21:52] – The dynamics of an open relationship (healing traumas);

[25:00] – The idea of communal living and open relationships; 

[27:57] – John explains the hierarchy of polyamorous relationships;

[33:29] – How do we measure success in a relationship?

[37:34] – Heartbreaks can bring pleasure or pain;

[44:28] – Feeling a sense of emotional and sexual property is part of us;

[46:38] – John talks about his relationship with his fiancée;

[55:39] – Sharing things is nothing but beneficial for the relationship;

[01:01:35] – Attachment styles (avoiding hard conversations);

[01:07:10] – John’s definition of “kinky” practices;

[01:11:50] – How the dominance/submissive dynamic works;

[01:22:54] – John’s personal experiences with BDSM;

[01:27:21] – John explains how he started to share about these topics;

[01:30:13] – How meeting new people happens for John.

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About John Romaniello

John Romaniello is an entrepreneur, NY Times best-seller author and a coach for 7-Figure entrepreneurs. You can find him talking about polyamorous relationships and different sex practices on BDSM in his social media profiles.

Connect with John Romaniello!

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EP 022: 

Relationship Attachment Styles, Conflict Resolution, and Argument Hangovers with Dr. Eva Brown

Conflicts arise for many reasons in relationships, right? There are so many variables, and so many triggers, and so many different contexts that every single relationship can have a specific issue to work on. The good news is: there are solutions that can be applied for every kind of problem, most of them based on dialogue, active listening, awareness, and trying to understand the partner. Both sides need to be heard.

In this episode of Hidden Potential Podcast, Sarah welcomes Dr. Eva Brown to explain what those solutions are, how conflicts can be solved with easy and simple techniques, and what kind of actions and behaviors we reproduce that might be ruining the intimacy. Dr. Eva also shares that it’s important not to think you’re entitled to treat your partner badly if you’re having an argument. Tune in to learn a lot more!

“If we only love our partners when they’re showing up in their best selves, that’s called conditional love. How can we be unconditional when our partner is triggered?” – Dr. Eva Brown

Key Timestamps

[01:16] – Round of personal questions;

[05:51] – Top one strategy to have a solid and stable relationship;

[10:04] – What if you know all the things but can’t implement them in the relationship?

[20:19] – How to show up in an argument;

[26:44] – How to navigate a discussion when both think they’re right;

[30:35] – It’s important to be vulnerable and explain our triggers;

[35:02] – Your perfectionism might be ruining your relationship;

[42:49] – Signs that you are in a narcissistic relationship;

[45:22] – Getting out of an argument rut vs. not having arguments at all;

[52:31] – What are the stages to grow a relationship?

About Dr. Eva Brown

Dr. Eva Brown is an individual & couples therapist, Ph.D., and mentor for people who want to work on their relationships and want to make intimacy and the daily connections with their partners better and easier. Host of Sacred Partners Podcast.

Connect with Dr. Eva Brown!

Instagram: @sacredpartners

Website: RelationshipRevolutionaries.com

Website: SacredLifePartners.com

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EP 023: 

How to Write Copy That Converts High Ticket Clients with Ed Reay

In this episode of Hidden Potential Podcast, Sarah has a fascinating conversation with Ed Reay. Ed is a coach who works with several clients, helping them to write better, create better content, and tell stories in a more effective way. Today, he talks about what most people struggle with when it comes to writing captions that work and how to be an expert in storytelling, making your audience resonate with your speech.

Sarah and Ed also discuss the importance of living a lifestyle that allows you to do the things you want. For example, when we fix our vision too hard on a goal and on a certain amount of money we want to hit, we sometimes forget all the things we would be giving up in order to “get there”. Ed also talks about his spiritual side and the many benefits of having a positive thinking and a generous attitude. Tune in!

“People don’t buy because of what you do. They buy because of who you are.” – Ed Reay

Key Timestamps

[1:36] – Round of personal questions;

[5:22] – How it all happened for Ed to start this career;

[9:18] – What people most struggle with when it comes to copywriting;

[11:23] – Sharing your story is important to make your audience empathize with you;

[12:11] – How to create initial content to post on social media;

[17:06] – The main steps to telling a good story;

[22:22] – Ed shares his spiritual habits and positive mindset; 

[26:50] – Engaging with our spiritual side to have more success;

[31:48] – It’s all about the purpose of doing the job, and not the job itself;

[34:22] - Ed talks about the biggest mindset blocks his clients have;

[39:29] – The importance of focusing on how you will live once you hit your goal;

[42:49] – Make sure you’re learning from someone who inspires you

[43:40] – Ed’s final message: don’t be so hard on yourself.

About Ed Reay

Ed is an expert copywriter who has generated over 14.8 million dollars for his clients with high ticket sales. Working as a coach, Ed inspires his clients to tell more creative stories, to write better captions, and to be more successful.

Connect with Ed Reay

Facebook: Ed Reay

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EP 024: 

Bridging the Gap between Science & Spirituality with Stephen Lovegrove

In this episode of Hidden Potential Podcast, Sarah welcomes Stephen Lovegrove. Stephen is a TV host and also a Life Coach who has the ability to change people’s perspectives through simple conversations. Stephen talks about the duality between science and spirituality, the differences between these two concepts, and how having a religious background in his family moved the needle for him to follow a coaching career.

Not only that, Stephen also sheds some light on important topics like overcoming imposter syndrome, how to get focused – and stay focused – in order to achieve your next goal, and what are the main problems that his clients bring to him seeking guidance. Stephen explains that the inner work we do is as important as the ‘regular’ work we do for a living and self-development is a powerful tool to help in different situations. Tune in!

“Honor yourself for where you are at, don’t just ignore or repress something, be willing to look at it, be willing to face it, be willing to be present with it, but then ultimately you’ll have to decide: am I going to let fear stop me from moving forward and getting what I want?” – Stephen Lovegrove

Key Timestamps

[1:50] – Round of personal questions;

[5:56] – How Stephen got into the coaching industry;

[8:08] – Which moments in his past inspired Stephen to follow this career;

[9:45] – The current main struggles of his clients;

[16:19] – The importance of doing inner work (and why it matters);

[19:37] – Are consciousness and matter two different things?

[24:52] – Finding something you can access in you (focus on one thing at a time);

[30:28] – One simple tool to stay focused on achieving your next goal;

[35:10] – Stephen explains how to overcome imposter syndrome;

[44:10] – The thermostat vs. thermometer analogy;

[48:42] – Stephen’s final message: this moment is the perfect moment.

About Stephen Lovegrove

Stephen is a TV personality and host and America’s Life Coach. As of today, Stephen works with a variety of celebrities, entrepreneurs, and leaders helping them to achieve the “next goal” and reach the “next level”, whatever these might be for them.

Connect with Stephen Lovegrove

Instagram: @drlovegrove

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EP 025: 

How to Stop Accepting Partners Who Won't Commit and Find True Love Instead with Bela Gandhi

For some reason we were taught from a young age that we know how to date, how to pick a partner, and how to have a healthy and sustainable love life. By reproducing these beliefs, we constantly make mistakes, get frustrated and, eventually, give up on love. The same way we need support from a coach or mentor who knows more business or fitness, we should also ask for help when the topic is the heart, right?

In this episode of Hidden Potential Podcast, Sarah welcomes Bela Gandhi. Bela is a personal dating coach whose mission is to help people make dating a fun, joyful, and safe activity. Today, Bela highlights that we can actually change the type of person we usually get attracted to and that we have the power to choose the ideal type – based on past experiences. Ultimately, we attract into our universe only who we accept.

“This should take time. Dating is a marathon, it’s not a sprint.” – Bela Gandhi

Key Timestamps

[1:18] – Round of personal questions;

[6:00] – Looking for meaning amidst tough situations is the answer;

[9:04] – How Bela started her career focused on relationships and love;

[11:16] – How Bela was able to construct a connection with her husband;

[14:27] – Understand Bela’s work (personal training for your love life);

[15:58] – A common theme/mistake that clients bring to Bela;

[19:44] – Why we were thought we know how to date;

[22:21] – ‘The Bad Picker’: how to stop attracting the wrong people;

[25:34] – How to choose and change who you’re attracted to;

[30:11] – It’s important to identify bad patterns when dating;

[33:10] – Tools and strategies for online dating;

[38:30] – What are the next steps after meeting someone online?

[40:07] – When is the best moment to have a first sexual encounter?

[45:03] – The effect of masculine/feminine energy on dating;

[49:57] – Try out different things before picking one;

[51:09] – Bela’s final message;

About Bela Gandhi

Bela Gandhi is a personal dating coach. Working with hundreds of clients, Bela is always focusing on the idea of building a new process that helps people find love – with no suffering and in an effortless way. The company she works with, Smart Dating Academy, is expert on creating true connections and assisting on love stories.

Connect with Bela Gandhi

Instagram: @smartdatingacademy

Podcast: Smart Dating Academy – The Podcast

Website: www.smartdatingacademy.com

Connect with Sarah!

Instagram: @saffarisarah

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EP 026: 

How to Grow a Coaching Company to 30k+ months with Zero Paid Ads with Michelle Hartzman

Creating a business is only half of the process to becoming a successful entrepreneur; the other half is growing it. There are a lot of strategies for online business owners to create offers, market their services, and grow their audiences with the help of paid advertising. Social media and all the different platforms offer this tool to facilitate sales, but what you may not know is that you can convert more with zero paid ads.

In this episode of Hidden Potential, Sarah interviews Michelle Hartzman. Michelle is a business mentor & coach, helping different types of online business owners to reach their goals without paying for ads. You will learn what Michelle has to say about business, the world of coaching, easy steps to create consistency, and how to start making money online today – all of that using organic marketing. Tune in!

“Challenge yourself to challenge your thoughts. Recognize the things you’re thinking because we think a lot of the same thoughts day to day… and most of them don’t serve us.” – Michelle Hartzman

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Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear

Key Timestamps

[1:48] – Round of personal questions;

[6:01] – How Michelle got started in coaching;

[11:29] – Michelle talks about the importance of going all in with your business;

[13:08] – Biggest mindset/business struggles that Michelle sees with her clients;

[19:08] – Challenge your thought to grow your business;

[21:12] – What if the client resists the business strategies?

[25:25] – The new and improved ways of doing organic marketing;

[29:00] – Simplicity is fundamental to create consistency;

[33:17] – 3 easy things to start doing to start making money online;

[38:11] – Can you handle being authentic online?

[43:18] – Final message: your whole business is up to you.

About Michelle Hartzman

Michelle Hartzman is a business coach and mentor for 6-Figures coaches and those who are willing to be. By practicing organic marketing only, Michelle helps others convert more, increase sales, and turn their “best month” into their “every month”.

Connect with Michelle Hartzman

Instagram: @michellehartzman

Podcast: Hart to Heart with Michelle Hartzman

Connect with Sarah!


Instagram: @saffarisarah

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EP 027: 

The Science behind Burnout/Being Stuck & How to Move Past It with Victoria Albina

In this episode of Hidden Potential Podcast, you will learn about two important topics that are getting more and more popular, especially in the world we’re living in nowadays. The first half of the episode is all about BURNOUT, how to start identifying its symptoms, and how to effectively start treating it if you find yourself in this state. When we are always in the ‘go-go-go’ mentality, our body eventually will ask for a break and that’s when burnout happens.

The other half of the episode is dedicated to explaining the concept of CODEPENDENCY. Commonly known as a consequence of childhood traumas and fears, codependency can lead you to create a disproportionate attachment to another person – or to a substance, for example – therefore creating even more of a destructive behavior. You will learn everything about these two topics with today’s guest Victoria Albina! 

“As you raise awareness of when you are in this habit of sourcing your worth and your wellness from others, when you are trying to manipulate others […], when you find yourself doing those things… pause, breathe, come back to your body as much as is possible and safe for you and ask yourself: how old is the part of me that just got offended?” – Victoria Albina

Key Timestamps

[1:27] – Round of personal questions;

[5:27] – Victoria’s beginning with holistic medicine and primary care;

[10:00] – The emotional part of us has an impact on physical functions;

[12:31] – Overview on burnout consequences in the body;

[19:54] – What if I’m stuck in a burnout state?

[28:17] – How to step out of the ‘stuckness’ mindset?

[31:40] – Some of us are more aware to stress, ‘stuckness’, and negative feelings;

[37:52] – Codependency: what is it and how does it work?

[40:29] – 3 steps to heal your codependency patterns;

[45:45] – Symptoms of the codependency mindset;

About Victoria Albina

Victoria spent 30 years of her life stuck in a codependency state, addicted to perfectionist patterns, and not prioritizing her own wants and needs. Having overcome this situation, she started working as a Master Life Coach, helping other women do the same. Victoria is a NP, MPH, and host of the Feminist Wellness Podcast.

Connect with Victoria Albina

Instagram: @victoriaalbinawellness

Website: www.victoriaalbina.com

Connect with Sarah!

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EP 028: 

From Multiple Failed Companies to INC 500 CEO with Darius Mirshazadeh

In this episode of Hidden Potential Podcast, Sarah welcomes Darius Mirshazadeh to talk all things expanding a business and how not to give up when you fail. Darius opens up about his past, his childhood, the origins of his mindset around money, and how it all affected his professional journey. Darius always wanted to run businesses, but he didn’t count on the struggles and hurdles.

Darius also discusses how fundamental it is for him and for the success of his companies to act and plan according to his core values – which are keywords, aspects of life that you follow, and let guide you. Core values are extremely important to the day-to-day of a business, working as a model when dealing with hard tasks and tough decisions. According to Darius, your core values will eventually hold you accountable for success.

“My belief is that core values have the opportunity to become the language of accountability in your organization, but you have to set it up right.” – Darius Mirshazadeh

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The Core Value Equation by Darius Mirshazadeh

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson 

Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

Key Timestamps

[1:35] – Round of personal questions;

[8:56] – The early stages of Darius’ career;

[12:55] – Where does Darius’ will of winning money come from?

[15:03] – Darius explains how he was able to build a successful business fast;

[21:37] – Darius’ first experiences with businesses;

[29:59] – Patience is the key to be successful;

[38:09] – The importance of being surrounded by successful people;

[41:41] – The impact of core values on business;

[46:57] – Top 3 tips for new entrepreneurs;

About Darius Mirshazadeh

Darius Mirshazadeh is an entrepreneur and best-seller author of ‘The Core Value Equation’. His mission in life is to make the world a better place using his talents and skills. Darius is an expert when it comes to building businesses that are profitable, aligned with values, and imperative for the world. Check out his book and podcast!

Connect with Darius Mirshazadeh

Instagram: @whoompdarius

Website: www.therealdarius.com

Podcast: The Greatest Machine 

Connect with Sarah!

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EP 029: 

How to Overcome Disordered Eating with Molly Carmel

In this episode of Hidden Potential Podcast, Sarah welcomes Molly Carmel. Molly is a former food-addicted, author, and expert in making people heal their relationships with food. Through her podcast ‘What You’re Craving’ and her book ‘Breaking Up with Sugar’, Molly has been able to inspire and empower women from different ages to look inside, recognize what needs to be changed, and start a therapeutic journey.

Today, Molly teaches us on how to recognize when we’re stuck in a vicious cycle of restrictiveness. The diet culture is so deep-rooted in all of us that sometimes (most of the times) we cannot break this cycle and find freedom. We think that there’s no way out of being addicted to food, which is far from the truth. Molly also talks about the importance of behavioral changes and the differences between healing your relationship with food and healing you relationship with diets.

“If you’re really in a binge-restrict cycle, the first thing you’re going to probably have to do is to let go of restricting.” – Molly Carmel

Key Timestamps

[1:54] – Round of personal questions;

[9:35] – Molly had to address her own problems to help people address theirs;

[17:30] – How to first be aware you need help;

[21:20] – Initial steps to get out of food addiction;

[25:15] – Why food restriction is precisely what’s getting you stuck;

[30:54] – The importance of behavioral changes;

[34:25] – Changes can take a long time or happen overnight;

[35:51] – The difference between healing your relationships with food & diet;

[41:45] – Everyone is deserving of healing – including you!

About Molly Carmel

Molly Carmel is a registered therapist, a motivational coach, and an entrepreneur helping people heal their relationships with food from the inside out. Author of ‘Breaking Up with Sugar’ and host of ‘What You’re Craving Podcast’.

Connect with Molly Carmel

Instagram: @mollycarmel

Website: www.mollycarmel.com

Podcast: What You're Craving with Molly Carmel 

Book: Breaking Up with Sugar by Molly Carmel

Connect with Sarah!

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EP 030: 

How to Stay Playful While Achieving and Driving Results with Jason Goldberg

Jason Goldberg is the guest of the show today! Sarah welcomes Jason to talk all things mindset shifts, how to let go of pessimistic thoughts, and how to have fun even when doing the most mundane (or difficult) tasks. Jason is an entrepreneur, business and performance coach, author of ‘Prison Break’, and a TEDx Speaker. In today’s episode, you will listen to some of Jason’s inspiring opinions on life, identity, and existence.

Jason explains that taking things too seriously can, most of the time, put an excessive amount of pressure on our minds, making our routines, daily tasks, work, and everything we do on a consistent basis much harder than it should be. A lot of us are a victim of this mentality and this behavior: being in defensive mode, exaggerating things, adopting the ‘all or nothing’ mentality… when, in reality, we are just human beings trying to play the role that was given to us.

“This whole notion of ‘it didn’t work’ just feels very binary and I think us removing binary from our lives as much as possible (myself included) is one of the key routes to feel more free emotionally.” – Jason Goldberg

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Grab your free digital, audio, or paperback copy of ‘Prison Break’ clicking here!

Key Timestamps

[1:49] – Round of personal questions;

[7:22] – The desire to help others came from Jason’s own pain;

[12:27] – Getting to a higher level of clarity requires more mental effort;

[16:35] – How you need to trust reality instead of fighting reality;

[18:38] – ‘All or nothing’ thinking: how can I commit for today?

[23:19] – Why do you take things too seriously?

[28:52] – If you are a pessimist, you’re probably exaggerating things;

[33:14] – Too much seriousness can put pressure on the mind;

[38:42] – How to be in observer mode rather than in defensive mode;

[46:54] – The importance of getting to know our body;

[48:37] – Jason teaches an identity shifting exercise.

About Jason Goldberg

Jason Goldberg defines himself as a Celebrity Mental Performance Coach. With a big presence online, Jason helps high-level entrepreneurs, leaders of all kinds, and celebrities of all kinds to reach the next level and work on personal growth (making it less personal growth-y). A TEDx Speaker and Podcast Host, Jason is also the author of ‘Prison Break’.

Connect with Jason Goldberg

Instagram: @thejasongoldberg

Connect with Sarah!

Instagram: @saffarisarah

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EP 031: 

Millionaire by 23 Using High Ticket Coaching with Lauren Tickner

In this episode of Hidden Potential Podcast, Sarah welcomes Lauren Tickner to talk about the best strategies and the right mindset to grow a coaching business exponentially. Lauren, talking about herself, her journey, and her business, explains the do’s and don't's of the coaching industry and why investing in yourself can really be the easiest solution in order to receive investments from others.

Lauren also discusses why some coaches cannot get results for their clients and what to do to avoid that from happening. When we don’t feel secure about guaranteeing results for another person, that says more about us than about our coaching method or whether or not we have all the right certifications. Imposter syndrome is a real thing and improving our skill set is just a matter of practice and patience. Tune in!

“When you start reverse engineering and creating something that is sustainable and that you can do it again and again, that is when you can actually get long time results, while also not being afraid to get in the trenches.” – Lauren Tickner

Key Timestamps

[1:53] – Round of personal questions;

[8:01] – How Lauren was able to achieve high levels of success;

[11:47] – Strategies to grow a coaching business;

[16:59] – How to coach someone into success;

[19:52] – Improve your skill set to guarantee clients’ results;

[25:54] – How to be confident when coaching clients;

[26:59] – Overthinking can be a big hurdle to your business;

[34:39] – How to know who is the right coach for you;

[40:08] – Lauren’s final message on how to get more attention from potential clients.

About Lauren Tickner

Lauren is an entrepreneur, founder & CEO of Impact School, Forbes #1 named best business coach, and millionaire at the age of 23. With a huge presence online, Lauren has been inspiring leaders, coaches, and mentors of all kinds to achieve high levels of success with strategy and confidence.

Connect with Lauren Tickner

Instagram: @laurentickner

Connect with Sarah!

Instagram: @saffarisarah

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EP 032: 

How to Rewire Your Mindset for Success with Bri Morrison

In this episode of Hidden Potential Podcast, Sarah welcomes Bri Morrison. Bri is a successful fitness and business coach and through the interview she reveals fundamental tips and strategies that took her from making no money to earning 7 Figures with an online brand. Bri explains the importance of being tenacious no matter what, but also doing the internal work to achieve more.

Connecting mindset, spirituality, strategy, and determination is the recipe to be successful in an industry that is expanding more and more. When we add a little bit of these factors in our work routine, we end up with a business that grows gradually. That’s the strategy Bri has been following since the beginning: being patient and persistent, because once we understand that the work pays off, we simply have no other choice than keep going. Tune in to learn more!

“Your thoughts create your feelings. Your feelings create your thoughts. So whatever you’re consistently thinking, you’re consistently feeling, and that will manifest and attract to you.” – Bri Morrison

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Creating Money: Attracting Abundance by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

Key Timestamps

[1:36] – Round of personal questions;

[6:08] – Bri always had an aptness for entrepreneurship;

[14:09] – What’s the role of mindset and spirituality in being successful;

[26:20] – How to reprogram your subconscious for success;

[29:34] – How to consciously choose not to give up;

[37:06] – Tangible things to do in order to create more money in business;

About Bri Morrison

Bri is the CEO and owner of Buff and Paid and a Fitness Business Coach who helps women in the fitness industry to create their own fitness coaching program. Connecting strategy, mindset work, and creativity, Bri has achieved 7 figures with an online brand and is now engaged in helping others to do the same.

Connect with Bri Morrison

Instagram: @brimorrison

Website: www.brimorrison.com

Connect with Sarah!

Instagram: @saffarisarah

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EP 033: 

How to Close High Ticket Sales Calls with Gentry Chidester

Closing high ticket sales calls is one of the main things new coaches and business owners have difficulty with. The fear of rejection, the imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and lack of confidence… these are all obstacles to making sales happen over the phone. On the other hand, not closing the sale makes us less confident which creates an endless cycle. Confidence still is the foundation of convincing someone to finally invest with you.

In this episode of Hidden Potential Podcast, Sarah and Gentry Chidester talk all things closing calls, being confident, maximizing sales, and converting clients. Gentry explains that the emotional state of someone trying to sell needs to be on point to communicate confidence. He also shares some pretty honest tips for people having a hard time closing calls and strategies to set up your pricing. Tune in!

“Especially in sales, confidence and conviction on what you’re selling are the most important things. No one will ever buy from someone who doesn’t want to be bought from.” – Gentry Chidester

Key Timestamps

[1:31] – Round of personal questions;

[8:12] – The full story of Gentry finding out his passion for sales;

[14:21] – What people most need help with when closing sales calls;

[17:52] – How not to let lack of confidence get in the way;

[21:28] – What if I’m not known or experienced enough to charge this much?

[25:36] – Common clients’ objections and how to overcome them;

[37:27] – The most important piece of advice for someone having difficulties closing calls;

[41:30] – Gentry’s final message on confidence.

About Gentry Chidester

Gentry is the CEO and founder of Elite Closers. With a combination of strategy, mindset, and practice, Gentry has developed the best method to close high-ticket clients and maximize sales with no effort and over the phone. Gentry founded his company with the goal of helping others do the same.

Connect with Gentry Chidester

Instagram: @gentrychidester

Facebook: Gentry Chidester

Connect with Sarah!

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EP 034: 

How to Eat and Work for Performance with Celebrity Chef Dan Churchill

Join this episode of Hidden Potential Podcast as Sarah welcomes Dan Churchill. Dan dives deep into the key steps that inspired him to invest in his business, believe in his abilities, and take the leap towards entrepreneurship. Dan explains that the great majority of people don’t take action because they are stuck on their own fears, they are uncertain about the future, and they lack self-confidence.

According to Dan, if you are really passionate about something – like he is about food and cooking – and you know you have enough expertise to build a business from scratch, you should do it. Making a career transition is a hard process for everyone and it’s pretty common not to know how to even get started. Dan shares personal tips that helped him with ‘the jump’, highlighting the importance of improving the mindset to, eventually, be successful. Tune in!

“If you want to do something and you’re thinking about doing it, what’s stopping you from doing it?” – Dan Churchill

Key Timestamps

[1:32] – Dan’s round of personal questions;

[8:31] – Dan shares the early stages of his career as a chef; 

[10:59] – How to be seen in the industry + how to get the business up and running;

[19:31] – Managing all the ‘hats’ of entrepreneurship;

[25:10] – How to believe in yourself and take the leap;

[30:06] – Two major steps to build authority over time;

[33:01] – Connect with Dan!

About Dan Churchill

Dan Churchill is a performance chef. Dan teaches high-performers to eat the right foods without giving up taste and he does that by sharing cooking techniques that are both easy and nutritious. He also believes that eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean being hungry and you can improve your physical performance by refining your food intake.

Connect with Dan Churchill

Instagram: @dan_churchill

Website: www.danchurchill.com

YouTube: Dan Churchill

Connect with Sarah!

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EP 035: 

Relinquishing Control of Your Business and Life with Araceli Velazquez

Join this episode of Hidden Potential Podcast as Sarah welcomes Araceli Velazquez. Araceli is a mentor to many, a business coach, and an influencer on social media who has been helping thousands of women to make more money. In this episode, she explains the necessary mindset talk and the actionable steps to implement in order to have a successful, stress-free business with less worry and in less time. 

Araceli talks about the importance of having integrity, not only in your personal life, but also when managing a business. Especially in sales, the person selling needs to be honest and truthful with the client, and that’s the only way to be seen as trustworthy, which increases sales in the long term. Also, according to her, it’s completely possible to help people and express this integrity while also having a consistent income. One thing does not exclude the other. Tune in to learn more!

“If you take away the fact of money being a problem, so many problems would be solved.” – Araceli Velazquez

Key Timestamps

[1:53] – Round of personal questions;

[10:17] – Overview of e-commerce and how you can make more money;

[16:46] – Sales and the importance of having integrity;

[22:20] – How to balance helping people and having consistent income;

[25:28] – Why promoting and selling is so hard for some?

[31:06] – How to get family and friends on board;

[34:52] – The importance of listening to successful people;

[38:42] – Finding what we really want (finding our pain);

[44:07] – Skill sets are the key to making more money;

About Araceli Velazquez

Araceli Velazquez is an entrepreneur, mentor, and business coach who helps thousands of women to rediscover their potential, unlock their power, and make 6-Figure without needing to work more. Through her signature program – Amazon FBA Coaches –, she has assisted many and many students to achieve unimaginable biz goals. 

Connect with Araceli Velazquez

Instagram: @aracelivelazquezofficial | @fbaqueens

Connect with Sarah!

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EP 036: 

How to Rebuild Sexual and Emotional Intimacy with Alicia Davon

Join this episode of Hidden Potential Podcast as Sarah interviews Alicia Davon. Alicia is a relationship coach who helps single individuals and couples reach their full potential in relationships. Today, Alicia shares with us some good practices of a healthy relationship, how to feel more connected with your partner, and how to reconstruct the intimacy that was lost over the relationship’s lifespan.

Alicia explains that we are all conditioned to act a certain way, which is directly correlated with the things we were taught as kids. But it’s important to be aware of our behavior and not let any wounds and insecurities get in the way of our relationships. It’s also fundamental for the person to share what’s going on and, most importantly: to listen to what’s going on with the person next to you. Tune in!

“Romantic relationships drive up our deepest wounds and fears and insecurities. It’s very triggering emotional intimacy and, certainly, physical intimacy.” – Alicia Davon

Key Timestamps

[1:36] – Round of personal questions;

[06:49] – Alicia tells more about her background;

[13:09] – Why do women test men?

 [17:33] – Are men as complicated as women?

[19:08] – We’re all conditioned to behave a certain way;

[21:06] – What couples can do to increase chemistry with time? (4 practices)

[33:31] – Being right vs. being connected;

[36:28] – How to feel connected with our partner;

[38:41] – Why relationships are getting less sexual over time;

[42:05] – What changes over the course of a relationship?

About Alicia Davon

Alicia Davon and her husband Erwan are relationship coaches. Together, they help singles and couples to feel more connected with their partners, have more intimacy, and correct the things that are not working in the relationship. Their work includes coaching in courses and they are based in San Francisco.

Connect with Alicia Davon

Instagram: @davonmethod

Website: www.davonmethod.com

TikTok: @davonmethod

Text Alicia to get a consultation: 415 3089 580

Connect with Sarah!

Instagram: @saffarisarah

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EP 037: 

How to Build 3 Million+ Social Following and Become a TV Personality with Gia Fey

In this episode of Hidden Potential Podcast, Sarah welcomes Gia Fey. Gia is an entrepreneur, fitness/business mentor, public speaker, and fitness coach. Today she talks about everything that made her a) reach a huge following on social media; b) receive money from her content, and c) be recognized as an expert on this topic. Gia mentions that the key to keeping the numbers growing is not being afraid to be seen.

Gia also highlights the importance of having your mind in the right place. Mindset is one of the biggest motivators when it comes to success, making sales, growing a business, and everything related to entrepreneurship. If your mind (and heart!) is not set in the right place, every sale, every client, and every task will seem difficult. Gia also explains how fundamental it is to be authentic in this industry. Tune in!

“I’m on that mission of trying to help women overcome those excuses because ultimately it’s overcoming fear. And if you can create a conversation where you can help them discover their fears and reasons why of what’s holding them back, that’s what’s going to help transform more women.” – Gia Fey

Key Timestamps

[1:47] – Round of personal questions;

[15:35] – Gia’s background and how she built her career;

[21:45] – Reasons why we should quit instant results; 

[23:55] – People tend to create excuses for not achieving their goals;

[30:20] – Changing your mindset through gratitude;

[37:07] – How to grow on social media (how to overcome fear);

[45:21] – Being authentic is what makes you stand out;

[47:50] – How to monetize your online content;

About Gia Fey

Gia Fey is a fitness instructor, fitness entrepreneur, public speaker, and mentor to thousands of women who want to rediscover their power and make peace with their bodies. Through many social media platforms (Gia has a huge following), she has spread her message along the lines of body positivity, confidence, gratitude, and optimization.

Connect with Gia Fey

Instagram: @bodybygia

Website: bodybygia.com

YouTube: Body by Gia

TikTok: @bodybygia

Facebook: Body by Gia

Connect with Sarah!

Instagram: @saffarisarah

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EP 038: 

How to Set Boundaries & Discover Your Attachment Style in Relationships with Terri Cole

Teri Cole is a psychotherapist and best-selling author of ‘Boundary Boss’. In this episode, she talks about the different types of attachment styles, why we all have varying degrees of fear of abandonment, and in what way we can change, or at least improve, the type of people we are attracted to. Sarah and Teri also discuss how the different attachment styles impact different relationships.

You will also learn the impact that our childhood and upbringing have on the connections we have as adults. The way our parents bonded, the role models we had as infants, and the lessons we learned about love, connection, and relationships growing up all define how we will show up during intimate relations. At the end of the episode, Teri shares a special gift with the listeners so tune in!

“It’s easy to forget that we have inherited worth as human beings and we should be loved, adored, and treated well – and we should treat others that way.” – Terri Cole

Key Timestamps

[1:27] – Round of personal questions;

[5:23] – Teri speaks about how she became a therapist;

[11:12] – The way we were raised defines our blueprints;

[15:38] – Do friendships and first relationships influence our attachment style?

[23:12] – Why does everyone have a fear of abandonment?

[30:15] – Attraction is related to the psychological mind;

[33:38] – Is physical attraction influenced by the mind? 

[36:24] – Why do we partner with who we think is ‘appropriate’?

[41:45] – How attachment styles influence different relationships;

[46:15] – How to be more adaptable to be happier;

[52:21] – Teri has a gift for the listeners.

About Terri Cole

Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist and relationship and empowerment expert. Throughout her career, she has been making intriguing and complex topics around love, connection, and relationship easier to understand. Author of the best-selling book ‘Boundary Boss’ Terri helps people of all ages define their boundaries.

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Connect with Terri Cole

Instagram: @terricole

Website: terricole.com

Connect with Sarah!

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EP 039: 

How to Overcome Fear and Learn the Art of Boundary Setting with Jen Riday

In this episode of Hidden Potential Podcast, Jen Riday talks about the importance of setting boundaries with our loved ones and friends. It’s very easy to be affected by someone else’s energy and to let them dictate how you will feel. This happens because a) you did not set specific boundaries in the relationship and b) you need to do some inner work to be the sole responsible for your happiness.

In her podcast Vibrant Happy Women, Jen also talks about this concept, diving deep into the idea of ‘stuckness’. If you are feeling stuck and don’t know the next step to take when it comes to your work or personal projects, it’s important to sit with yourself, observe your feelings and thoughts, analyze what’s going wrong and right, and then the decision will come easily. Tune in to listen to the entire interview!

“If you ever feel like you don’t know what’s next, just stay there and do all the things that fuel your soul.” – Jen Riday

Key Timestamps

[1:31] – Round of personal questions;

[5:28] – Jen’s pivot moment when she decided to be happy no matter what;

[7:48] – How not to go back to a state of pain;

[12:21] – Jen’s advice for people who are feeling stuck;

[13:48] – How to effectively set boundaries;

[17:33] – How to preserve your energy through boundary setting;

[22:08] – Making decisions out of fear vs. intuition;

[26:10] – A little bit of stress can be good;

[30:56] – Success can be different for each one of us;

[35:38] – The importance of setting achievable goals;

[40:41] – Jen explains how thoughts create actions; 

[47:08] – Final message: drop the “women should” mentality.

About Jen Riday

Dr. Jen Riday is the founder of the Vibrant Happy Women movement. Through coaching programs and mentorship, Jen helps women of all ages to reclaim their happiness, joy, and self-esteem. Jen also believes that moms need to take a break sometimes, take care of themselves first, and then start taking care of others.

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EP 040: 

Interviewed by Chase Chewning: What REALLY Matters in the Process of Building Your Empire

In this episode, our host Sarah is interviewed by Chase Chewning, host of Ever Forward Radio. Sarah speaks about the coaching industry, how coaches’ biggest obstacles in business are themselves, and how to be financially prepared for every situation. Going back to the early stages of her entrepreneurial journey, Sarah also opens up about her struggles when she started her business.

When it comes to performance and productivity, Sarah shares a few of her habits and hacks that keep her sharp and have fresh ideas to make the right decisions for her brand. The discussion also highlights the importance of maintaining the right mindset throughout the journey: even when the sale is closed, even when we scale the numbers, and even when the clients are coming, we must keep engaged. Tune in!

“You can have all the tools and the books, you can understand them and have the skills, and ultimately if you haven’t been able to work through your own stuff, a lot of it will show up in business.” – Sarah Saffari

Key Timestamps

[1:50] – The most common struggle of coaches nowadays;

[5:10] – Why do we need to work on ourselves as the business scales?

[8:11] – How to learn to do business;

[11:12] – Personal and professional skills need to work together;

[15:31] – What made Sarah gain more confidence in business;

[19:26] – How to keep engaged in the business after closing a sale;

[21:45] – “People pay attention when they know you care”;

[30:26] – Sarah’s habits to improve business performance;

[38:01] – The right mindset for money obstacles; 

[42:48] – How Sarah intends to keep being curious.

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