Mystery Solved: How to Create Killer Content That Consistently Attracts High-Ticket Clients

I've Solved The Mystery.

Creating content that resonates with your ideal client can be stressful, right? Any fitness coach out there can post another gym selfie. 

Or another picture of themselves looking ripped in their bikini while sipping Mai Tai's at the beach in Mexico. 

Is seeing...

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Avoid This Trap When You're Feeling Overwhelm Creep in

Throwing You a Lifeline

Life has been hectic for you lately. The hours at the gym are beginning to crush you. The in-person clients need your attention and energy.

You also have a personal life. 

There are also those hobbies and things/people you enjoy.

You have all this on your plate while...

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Building an Unstoppable Brand as an Online Fitness Coach

Take the Branding Stuff Seriously

When you're first starting as an online fitness coach, it's easy to get confused by all the noise. 

You'll hear a million different things about what you should be focusing on regarding your biz.

One of them will be on the importance of creating a solid...

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The Missing Link Between You and a Six-Figure Online Fitness Coaching Biz

The One Thing You Need to Commit to Mastering

You need to keep in mind countless things when you're trying to scale your online fitness coaching biz. 

There's also a long list of things you need to be strong at so that the business can flourish.

I know it must feel overwhelming but listen to...

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Three Pro Tips on How to Build an Online Community That Consistently Lands You High-Ticket Clients

You Need to Create a Thriving Online Community

As an online fitness coach, you've got a ton on your plate. I get it. It's easy to lose sight of the most essential priorities for your business. 


Because everything seems like it's a top priority.

Let me throw you a lifeline. 


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How to 5x Your Revenue Without Bringing in ANY New Clients

I’m About to Blow Your Mind

Look at you, signing up one high-ticket client after the next. You should be proud. The journey hasn’t always been easy, has it?

It’s been filled with ups and downs.

A wild, emotional roller-coaster.

But here you are, with a handful of wonderful...

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How to Create an Offer Your Clients Can't Resist

Consistently Landing High-Ticket Clients

I'm not a mind reader, but I'm willing to bet that right now, you're trying to figure out how to land those prized, high-ticket clients. 

Where are these unicorns you've been hearing so much about?

And how can you consistently land them? 

How can...

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Ask Yourself This One Question Before You Become an Online Fitness Coach

When Are Things Going to Get Better?

You've been bringing in more clients, but the workload is becoming daunting. You're tired of working your butt off at the gym while making the owner rich. After all, you're the one putting in those long hours.

At the same time, even though you've been drawing...

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The Secret Recipe to Quadrupling Your Online Fitness Coaching Business: Find Your Tribe

It's Lonely Out There

It's lonely out there in the business world, isn't it? Especially when you're an online fitness coach. 

You're putting in the work.

Many of you have your day job training people at the gym you work at. 

Then, you run home to work on your online business. 


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Getting High Ticket Clients: Why Momentum Always Beats Hustle

Making Things Simple For You

Most people think that the most challenging part of creating and scaling an online fitness coaching business is signing up those elusive high-ticket clients.

Or coming up with an irresistible offer that these folks can't refuse.

Some people even worry about how...

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