Writing Engaging Social Media Posts: And The Most Valuable Skill You Aren't Utilizing

A close friend gets their heart broken by the person they were dating for several years. Your uncle's dog that he's had for 10 years had to get put down last week. Your mom is worried she will lose her job because the company she's working for has decided to make some changes.

How do these situations make you feel?


I would hope so.

Unless you don't feel any empathy whatsoever. 

Because you're a robot.

In which case, beep bop beep. 

All jokes aside, empathy is what makes us human.

It's what enables us to connect deeper with the people we come into contact with. Understanding their pain, their needs, and what makes them happy. That's what allows us to demonstrate that we know what it's like to walk in their shoes.

Demonstrating Empathy in Your Social Media Posts

Want to know the secret of how to write engaging social media posts?

Demonstrate empathy. 

Show your ideal client that you know what it's like to deal with their struggles. You feel their pain. You've lived their life.

Stop constantly posting pictures of your chiseled abs with captions like "getting ready beach season."

We get it. You're ripped. Good for you.

But, how is that going to make potential clients feel comfortable with working with you?

It's not, boo-boo.

And you wonder why your online fitness coaching business has been declining these past several months.

You can stop wondering now.

And you can start showing empathy towards your ideal clients.

Every time you post something.

It's Ok to Show Vulnerability

Another part of being empathetic is vulnerability. Show your ideal client what your life used to look like when you were overweight. 

The constant feelings of insecurity. Lack of energy. Strained relationships. The low-quality of life.

Is it flashy or trendy?


But, want to take a guess at what it is?

Being a human being.

Your potential clients are human beings. So are you. Show them that you're constantly working to better yourself, just like them.

Because you also have flaws and things you want to improve about yourself.

Yeah, baby, that's your most valuable skill.


Now's the time to start utilizing it.

And scale your online empire to unimaginable heights.

What's Next?

If you are ready to learn more about writing engaging social media posts, book a call with us.


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