This ONE Simple Technique Will Remove Dead Leads From Your World

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. But, there you are, on the grind. Working your butt off to scale your online fitness empire. 

On your computer and on your phone, you're messaging countless people every day. Posting top-notch content. Trying to book sales calls for yourself with people you think are your ideal client. 

You feel like you're doing everything right. But, there's one thing that's driving you insane. 

All of the people that keep ghosting you! And there's a TON of them.

You spend hours every week trying to follow up with these people, stir up a conversation, and show the value you can bring to their lives. 

You're a fantastic personal trainer, but why won't these people give you a chance? 

Here's a thought...

What if you could spot a dead lead almost instantly? 

Then, you could focus on people who are genuinely committed to working with you and see the value you bring to the table. What a game-changer that would be, eh?

As an online Entrepreneur and soon-to-be Badass CEO, your time is the most valuable thing you own.

Stop wasting it chasing after dead leads.


Use this one simple technique:

Cut Bait When Unrealistic Demands Are Made

When a potential client that you're talking to starts making unrealistic demands, it's usually a solid indication of what the future partnership will look like. Asking for free services, more of your time for free or at a discounted rate, etc., are all things that will hinder your ability to scale your online business. 

Even more importantly, you won't enjoy working with this type of person because you will stretch yourself too thin and get taken advantage of. There's even a possibility that you will lose confidence in your abilities and the quality of what you offer because people like this will devalue it.

Save both you and the potential client heartache and time by cutting bait. Knowing when to say no is often just as crucial as when to say yes. Using your resources wisely is one of the most essential things you can do to scale your online fitness empire. 

Don't chase after dead leads. 

And never work with people that you don't honestly want to work with and who don't value what you bring to the table.

Sounds Easy, Right?

Yet, many of you guys and girls fall into this bottomless pit of chasing after leads that aren't worth your time. You let people dangle a carrot in front of you, and they get your hopes up that maybe you'll land them as a client. 

And then you chase after them. You become frustrated at the amount of time you wasted trying to work with this person. Meanwhile, you could've been focusing your energy on talking to an ideal client who is serious about working with you and will commit 100% to your program so they can achieve their desired results.

It sounds easy, but I know it isn't. You have to shake this mentality that you need to chase after people to land them as a client. You don't need to hunt after anyone, and you can't help people that aren't serious about getting healthier.

This is a business, and your time is valuable. YOU are valuable, and what you do matters. There's plenty of people out there who need you. 

It's time to remove dead leads from your world, once and for all. 

What's Next?

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