One of the Simplest Ways to Become the Badass CEO You Were Destined to Be

The Hidden Secret I Discovered

Your alarm starts blasting your eardrums. It does this every damn morning. *Ugh* you think to yourself. 

It's another early day. You shut your alarm off and then immediately check your phone. 

Here's a quick rundown of what you see:

Four missed Facebook messages from ideal clients last night.

A missed call from one of your friends too.

Several ideal clients commented on one of the Instagram posts you made last night. 

There are also 15 new emails in your inbox. 

You can't believe you slept through all this. Your cortisol levels have already skyrocketed. You can feel anxiety and overwhelm already setting in. 

The crazy thing is that you literally JUST WOKE UP.

This is how it's been for weeks now. Stress, panic, feeling like you're running around in a million different directions. And it all starts first thing in the morning.

You feel the urge to respond to all of these things and people right away. It would be rude to ignore them for an hour or two, right?


Here's what no one tells you about this need to respond to all of these notifications and missed messages:

You're allowed to respond to them AFTER you take a few minutes to get yourself into a solid headspace. 

I know. I was shocked when I realized this hidden secret, too.

Don't Check Your Phone For the First Hour.

This routine you've developed of checking your phone as soon as you wake up and frantically trying to respond to the rest of the world has become toxic.

There, somebody needed to say it.

Something that's helped me tremendously with my mental health has been not checking my phone for the first hour I'm awake. 

That's right. You heard it here first. 

After I shut my alarm off, I take a few deep breaths and meditate on what I want to accomplish for the day. 

Then, I get myself together and eat a solid breakfast. After that, I go to the gym. Exercising early in the morning helps me ramp up my energy levels. 

I like accomplishing something that's just for me first thing in the morning before I get to everyone that's depending on me. This helps me get to a much better headspace where I feel like I'm in control of my obligations.

And not like my obligations are in control of me.

*Mic drop*

Simple, Yet Profound

I know you guys are working hard to scale your online empire. But, how can you do that when you start off the day stressed? 

Trust me when I tell you that your stress and lack of focus will be apparent in your messaging.

If you're rushing to respond to those unread Facebook and Instagram messages first thing in the morning, there won't be much thoughtfulness in them. 


Because you're placing a higher level of importance on speed and not on value.

Ask yourself if that's how you want to be treated. Someone giving you thoughtless rushed answers to your questions. 

Meanwhile, they're frantically trying to respond to ten other people with similar, thoughtless responses.

No, of course not. You want to feel like this person is actually paying attention to you. You want them to acknowledge you and offer value to help you have a better day (or life).

That's the kind of person you'd want to work with, right?

Exactly. Your ideal client is no different.

So go forth and scale your online empire, my friends.

Just don't check your phone for the first hour of the day.

What's Next?

If you're ready to learn more ways to become the badass CEO you were destined to be, book a call with us to learn more about our Fitness Coaching Mentorship Program.


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