Mystery Solved: How to Create Killer Content That Consistently Attracts High-Ticket Clients

I've Solved The Mystery.

Creating content that resonates with your ideal client can be stressful, right? Any fitness coach out there can post another gym selfie. 

Or another picture of themselves looking ripped in their bikini while sipping Mai Tai's at the beach in Mexico. 

Is seeing those kinds of posts going to strike a chord with your ideal client?


But, congratulations, you have another creepy guy sliding into your DM's. And no, he's not trying to work with you as a high-ticket paying client. 

Since the creation of social media, online fitness coaches everywhere have been trying to solve the mystery of creating killer content that consistently attracts high-ticket clients.

Well, I have fantastic news for you.

I've solved the mystery!

Even better, I will share how you can do it with you.

If you implement what I'm about to tell you, you'll create engaging content that your ideal client won't be able to resist paying attention to.

And once you have their attention, you'll be one step away from crossing the finish line.

What's the finish line?

Landing them as a high-ticket client.


Without further ado, let's get down to business, shall we?

Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Remember when you weren't proud of how you looked and felt? The insecurities you had. Your mindset wasn't always the best. 

Long story short, you weren't the same person back then that you are today.

You had to go on your own fitness journey. Remember the ups and downs you dealt with along the way? I'm sure you learned countless lessons while trying to better yourself.

Now, look at you. You're in fantastic shape. Your mindset is rock-solid on most days. Life looks much different nowadays, right? 

Of course, it does.

You're passionate about helping others achieve the results and type of life you've earned for yourself.

I'm willing to bet that's why you're an online fitness coach.

So, put yourself in your ideal client's shoes. Think about some of the current challenges and setbacks they're facing.

Chances are high that you dealt with similar, if not the exact same, obstacles when you were on your fitness journey.

What would you have appreciated during this time in your life? What kind of mentor would you have loved to have? 

Now, here's the ticket:

Be THAT person to your ideal client. Speak directly to your ideal client's pain points because you used to be exactly like them. 

When you post content, think about the things you would've loved to see and gain exposure to.

You understand your potential clients because you lived their life. Dealt with your demons and challenges. Now, you're in a place where you can lift these folks up to where they're trying to go.

That's how you create content that connects with them.

You have to come from a place of empathy.

Otherwise, you're just another person trying to sell them something.

"It's a dialogue, not a monologue, and some people don't understand that. Social media is more like a telephone than a television." 

- Amy Jo Martin, Author of Renegades Write The Rules

What's Next?

If you are ready to learn more about creating killer content that consistently attracts high-ticket clients, book a call with us.


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