Keep the Vanilla in Your Ice Cream Not in Your Marketing

Are you a personal trainer who can help clients lose those troublesome 15 lbs and keep them off?

You are?!?!

Oh, wow! That's amazing!

Wanna know a secret?

Every other personal trainer out there can do the same thing.

I know. I'm as shocked as you are.

Who would've thought a nationally certified personal trainer is capable of helping their client lose weight. 

Everyone. Literally, everyone. 

Now that we've both had a nice laugh together let's get serious for a minute.

Stand Out From The Pack

It never ceases to amaze me how often I come across marketing messaging online of personal trainers who say the same things.

"Sign up with me and lose those troublesome 15 lbs."

"Work with me, and you'll start fitting in your old clothes again in no time."

"I help clients look and feel better."


Stop. Just stop.

It's time you stood out from the pack.


Going against the grain and debunking a common myth in the fitness industry.

See below:

"Tired of restricting your calories? You should be; you've been doing it for long enough and aren't happy with the results you're getting. Stop sacrificing the food you love and start living life on your terms. It's time to stop allowing the scale to tell you what you're worth. My program focuses on mindful nutrition and living an abundant life with an emphasis on functional movement so that your body and mind can find synergy with one another."

Makes you want to learn more, right?

Notice the word choice, and I don't mention boring, ordinary things like losing weight and keeping it off?


That's how you grab your ideal client's attention and hook them.

It's Competitive Out There

There are countless online fitness coaches out there. Most of them are saying the same thing. They're trying to help everyone lose weight, gain muscle, live a healthier lifestyle, etc.

If you want to win in this industry, you'll need to stand out.

You'll need to show your ideal clients that you're a specialist who can bring a tremendous amount of value to their life. 

You're nothing like everyone else.

You know what you have to do.

Keep the vanilla in your ice cream, not in your marketing. 

What's Next

If you are ready to learn more about how to not use vanilla marketing, book a call with us.


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