Time To Fire The Clients That Suck

One Sign That Your Client Sucks 

One of the most blatant signs that your client sucks is if you're losing money by working with them. A perfect example is having several other clients willing to pay you three or four times what this particular client is. That should show that this person doesn't see the same value in your coaching and services as the other people you train. 


Ask yourself this...


Why are you working so hard to please this one person when you could spend more of your time and energy training people that will pay you what you're worth? It makes no sense. And yet, you keep doing it. Trying to please someone who can't be pleased.


Cut them loose. Focus on people that value you and are a delight to deal with. That's what you deserve.


This Isn't What You Signed Up For

Let's be honest for a second. Firing clients that suck isn't what you signed up for. You wanted to make an impact on people's lives, and you wanted to help them get healthier and be more confident in their daily lives. That's what this whole journey for you was supposed to be about. 


Firing clients? That thought never even crossed your mind until recently. Everyone was supposed to be a pleasure to work with. What happened?


I'll tell you what happened.


You let people devalue your product and take advantage of your kindness. These people poisoned your business and shattered your confidence. And you know what? That's why you need to fire them immediately.


While it's not what you signed up for, this is where things are at now. It's time to boldly go where, unfortunately, countless online fitness coaches have had to go before. 


Here's How to Fire Them

Check your contract. See how long you're obligated to continue working with them. Honor the terms and do the right thing, so you don't potentially have to deal with any legal ramifications.


Finish all the work you owe them. Provide whatever services you agreed to give them. Leave nothing on the table.


Think about what you'll say ahead of time. Plan it out. Be confident in what you will say. Emotions can start to factor in if you go into the conversation trying to think quickly on your feet. Trying to react to whatever the other person is going to say can become dangerous. Anger can cloud your judgment and cause you to say things in a rude context. 


Don't let that happen.


Raise your rates to what you feel confident you're worth. Customize a high-ticket package. Offer more value in your package that solves their pain point in a more effective and impactful way. 


Be direct, be firm, but always show respect. Don't add any fluff. Tell them what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear. There is a difference. 


Explain to them that you're deciding to move in a different direction with your services and pricing. You offer tremendous value and are making changes to your business. 


Let them know you feel it's best if you two don't continue your partnership moving forward. Thank them for the time and energy they have given you. 


What's Next?

If you are ready to learn more about how and when you should fire a client, book a call with us.


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