How to Scale Your Online Fitness Empire (without losing your mind in the process)

Dropping a Knowledge Bomb

Brace yourself, boys and girls. Today, I'm going to be dropping an enormous knowledge bomb on you. Are you ready for this? 

I guess we're about to find out, eh?

Let's dive in head first (while wearing our helmet).

Let me know if this sounds like your life right now.

You're trying to scale your online fitness empire. One client at a time. Things were fantastic in the beginning. Granted, there were ups and downs. There always are whenever you're building a business, right?

But, with each new client you stacked up, you started noticing a concerning trend…

Boundaries Started Getting Crossed

Clients would be calling you and texting you at all hours of the day. Naturally, you'd want to serve them at the highest level, so you'd constantly try to respond to them asap. You thought this would help show them that you're all in on their success.

Yet, your mental health started to erode. Other aspects of your life started to become negatively impacted too.

Below are some examples (don't ask me how I know):

You'd be working out at the gym. A client calls, you stop your workout to talk to them. 

You're eating dinner with your family, a client emails you with a question. You hop on your phone and respond to their email in the middle of your meal.

And after a few weeks, the crippling guilt started to settle in. The disappointment you felt of not being more committed to your own physical health. The shame of not being a more present partner and parent.

The burnout you've been feeling lately is borderline catastrophic. You can barely think straight for most of the day because you're running around in a million different directions.

Then, you have another realization…

These clients are starting to annoy you and impede your lifestyle. 


Throwing You a Life Line

Let me share something that I wish someone would've told me during the early days of my online fitness coaching career.

You need to set boundaries during the very early stages of your partnership with every new client you take on. 

Have clear and direct communication right from the jump. Maintain that rock-solid line of communication all throughout your journey together.

How do you do that?

Tell your clients what your schedule looks like. Let them know when you have dinner with your family each evening. The times when you go to the gym and work out for yourself.

Let your clients know what times of the weekdays and weekends you might be unavailable to respond.

Pro tip:

Insert a line in your client contract that you need a 12-hour window to respond to any phone call, email, or text message from any of your clients. 

This way, no one will expect you to always be on-call and chained to your laptop or cell phone. Let's be honest; that's not why you got into online fitness coaching in the first place, right?

You're trying to scale your online fitness empire. I get it.

But trust me when I tell you that you don't need to lose your mind in the process.

Set boundaries.

Have clear and direct communication with your clients from the beginning of your relationship. Maintain that rock-solid level of communication all the way through to the end of your partnership.

You'll thank me later.

What's Next?

If you are ready to learn more about scaling your online fitness empire without losing your mind, book a call with us to learn more about our Fitness Coaching Mentorship Program.


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