How to 5x Your Revenue Without Bringing in ANY New Clients

I’m About to Blow Your Mind

Look at you, signing up one high-ticket client after the next. You should be proud. The journey hasn’t always been easy, has it?

It’s been filled with ups and downs.

A wild, emotional roller-coaster.

But here you are, with a handful of wonderful clients who are paying you what you’re worth.

You’ve got momentum on your side.

But, lately, you can’t help but ask yourself…

How do I keep these people wanting to continue working with me? 

Because that’s the dream, right?

To hang on to amazing clients with whom you’ve built incredible relationships.

So you can stop worrying about when or where the next client is going to come from. 

But, how can you make these unicorn clients want to stick with you for the long haul?

Keep reading, baby.

I’m about to blow your mind.

Offer High-Level Support

Be the type of online fitness coach that goes above and beyond for your clients. Answer questions and offer value at every possible opportunity. Continue to thoughtfully probe into your clients’ life to figure out in what ways you can serve them at the highest level.

Trust me when I tell you that they’ll love you for it. 

Cheer for them when they’re following your instructions and making progress. Positive reinforcement goes a long way. 

Be their cheerleader. The person in the corner that’s always rooting for them.

Shower them with love, respect, and empathy.

Sound, tacky?

It shouldn’t.

It’s known as being a good human being.

And people want to work with others who are genuine and treat them well.

Basic human nature. 

Hold Them Accountable

This one isn’t always easy for many people. But, it’s absolutely essential you do it on a consistent basis for every single person you work with.

Hold your clients accountable for their actions.

That means when they aren’t following your nutrition plan, ask them why.

If they are skipping workouts, remind them of what their goals are and how crucial it is that they follow the workout regimen that was customized for them.

And call them out on their bullshit.

Every single time.

As much as you want to be their friend, at the end of the day, these people are paying to help them get results.

And I can promise you that if you don’t hold them accountable, they won’t find the success they were looking for when they signed up with you.

And you expect them to resign with you?

Child, please.

Empower Clients To Achieve Their Desired Goals

Set up your clients for success. Tailor a nutrition and exercise program that fits their lifestyle. Focus on sustainability.

Because if they hate the workouts or the things you tell them to it, chances are high, they’ll quit.

They’ll be gone in the wind.

Nobody wants that.

Make adjustments when necessary throughout the time your clients are working with you. 

Pay attention to their mindset and focus on empowering them at every opportunity. Teach them how to achieve their desired goals.

But, also show them the future progress they could achieve if they stick with you for a little longer.

Paint a vivid picture of what this future version of themselves looks like and what kind of lifestyle they could live at that point.

See if that’s something they would be interested in pursuing.

Most people will take you up on that offer because they’ve loved working with you so far.

And clearly, you’re excellent at what you do.

You got them results. It’s hard to argue with that. 

While there are few things in life that I can without a shadow of a doubt guarantee…

I can 100% assure you that if you follow the above three bullet-proof tips, you’ll 5x your revenue without bringing in any new clients. 

What's Next?

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