For Personal Trainers Who Hired a Biz Guru That Never Lived Up to Their Promise

A mentor can be an invaluable resource. A champion in your corner who shows you the right things to do and the potholes to avoid. This person has already achieved what you're looking for out of life. 

The six-figure online fitness coaching business. An impressive portfolio of happy, successful clients. A widespread, dynamic team that empowers them to live life on their terms. They have freedom, money, and happiness. 

Or do they?

And this, my friends, is where we get to the good stuff.

Beware of the Facade

These days, anybody and their mom can create an impressive online display of their achievements. Pictures are posted on social media showing all the cool places they travel to. Those filters make them look beautiful and model-like. 

Not a blemish in sight.

Then, a fantastic website lures you in with claims of their success and how much they can help coaches just like you. 

They seem to speak your language and thoroughly understand the daily challenges you face. Almost as if they're a mind reader, right?


Beware of the facade.

Or the straight-up bullshit.

One Question You Need to Ask

Is this so-called "guru" actually living your ideal life? That's the question you need to ask yourself before you decide to enlist them as your mentor.

A picture can say a thousand words because it can only show half the story. If this person doesn't share the same values as you, you'll have alignment issues down the road.

Let me give you a few examples.

What if they work 12 hour days, 6 days a week, where they're basically chained to their computer? 

They rarely spend time with their spouse and kids because they prioritize their business over their relationships.

This person has never even been a fitness coach, so they don't honestly know your lifestyle and current challenges.

Do you think this would end up being a fruitful relationship?


But, if you have different core values, I can almost guarantee you that the partnership won't go the way you want it to. 

I've Been There

You're wondering how I know this stuff. Almost as if I've worked with mentors who weren't living my idea of an ideal life.

That's because I have.

I've spent several thousands of dollars working with people that had never achieved what I actually wanted.

People who put on a good show online. 

Made me believe they could help me.

Took my money and then never got me the results I desired.

Because they hadn't lived my life or weren't currently living the life I wanted.

Long story short, I felt taken advantage of. I wanted to better myself and invested thousands of dollars in building a successful online fitness coaching business.

But, it turned out these online gurus didn't have a clue.

Lesson learned.

That's why I've made it my mission to empower you guys to not make the same mistakes I made.

P.S. I ended up finding a rock-solid mentor who WAS living my ideal life, and they empowered me to achieve my goals. She was worth every penny and changed my entire life. 

Now, it's your turn.

What's Next?

If you are ready to learn more about not falling for another biz guru who won't live up to their promise, book a call with us to learn more about our Fitness Coaching Mentorship Program.


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