Debunking the Myth: Cold Messaging Your Ideal Clients is Manipulative

Cold Messaging is Awkward

There you are, sitting on your phone or computer. Looking through various social media communities, you belong to.

Several people have been posting questions and asking for advice that’s right in your wheelhouse.

You know you can help these folks with their issues. You’ve been an online fitness coach for a while now. You’re good at what you do. Helping people and getting them results is what you live for.


You know what’s next. It’s time to message some of these people. You’ll need to strike up a thoughtful conversation. Demonstrate value and credibility. Show them you’re authentic. Prove to them that you’re the trainer they should be working with.

Raise your hand if the below situation describes how you feel right now.

The nagging negative thoughts start to hit you. Isn’t this manipulative? Gross? Won’t this person think I’m trying to spam or scam them? Yuck. I wouldn’t want anyone doing that to me, so I’m not going to message them.

You feel your hands getting clammy as your heart starts to race. Another near panic attack. The room begins to spin.

Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic. But, you get my point.

Cold messaging is awkward, right? 

It doesn’t have to be.

What’s Your Intention?

What’s your purpose for messaging this person? Are you genuinely trying to help your ideal clients get the results they desire? Or are you just trying to pull off a money grab? Your intentions are crucial in this process. 

Cold messaging isn’t manipulative unless you don’t care about helping your potential clients. But, if you’re genuinely trying to add value to your ideal clients’ lives by serving them at the highest level, then yeah, shoot them a message. 

Don’t feel awkward about it either. 

You have to put yourself out there and strike up a conversation. Usually, people aren’t going to flock to you just because you’re a personal trainer (wouldn’t it be amazing if they did?)

Messaging Effectively So You Can Book Discovery Calls For Yourself

Okay, now that your mindset towards messaging has changed, you’re probably wondering how you can book discovery calls for yourself through effective messaging. 

What should you say? How can you structure the conversation properly? 

Sounding genuine, demonstrating credibility, and building rapport is an art form. How are you supposed to achieve that? Ever thought about using a battle-tested script? 


Well, you should.

I’m not saying you need to follow the script to the letter. Customize it and make it your own. Don’t sound like a robot. Infuse your personality and experiences in there and have a free-flowing but fruitful conversation with your ideal client.

P.S. we have scripts that can achieve that for you.

So fear not, friends. You can scale your online fitness coaching business. One cold message at a time. 

And no, you aren’t manipulating anyone. 

What's Next?

If you are ready to learn more about how to cold message your ideal clients effectively, book a call with us.


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