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We are Sarah & Hansika, online business mentors, writers, personal development coaches, and current world travelers. 

We use neuroscience to open the door to business growth and self-empowerment. Nothing propels us out of bed more than empowering you to find your greatness. 

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Meet Sarah Saffari 

 Sarah Saffari is a fitness entrepreneur, business coach, writer, and Health Scientist. She has helped 5000+ professional men & women get their life and health back on track by executing the novel blueprint created at her first business, “The 3 step framework to optimal health & confidence.” Following her success across consumer clients, Sarah co-founded CEOwned in 2019, a consultancy whose mission is to help Fitness Entrepreneurs grow and scale their business using the framework she used to grow and scale her own.  She uses neuroscience principles to remove mental barriers and increase business results for her students and clients in her easy-to-understand and compassionate style. Her techniques can be applied to any individual, regardless of their background, and she is ready to share what she has learned along the way with you.

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 Meet Hansika Silva

Hansika Silva is an online serial entrepreneur. She has built a successful online fitness coaching business up to multiple six figures. This experience helped jumpstart her relentless passion for assisting others in creating an online coaching business by providing structure & clarity specific to each of her CEOwned clients.

Hansika has been an online guru since 2016 and has spent the past several years learning the secrets to marketing, funnels, and sales.

Her true calling in life is to help men and women evolve and achieve complete freedom & abundance in all aspects of their lives using the CEOwned Strategy and Formula.

What people say

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“Sarah and Hansika have transformed my online wellness business! They’ve taught me so much about strategy, doing the research, and the importance of knowing your audience.”

CEOwned testimonial



“I have never had a coach truly care about me and my business the way that Sarah and Hansika do...”‚Äč

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“For the first time ever, I was able to sign consistent high ticket clients after joining CEOwned. I made $7500 in my first 60 days of coaching” 


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